South Gloucestershire's rarest birds - species and forms seen just once!

RED-BREASTED GOOSE  Branta ruficollis: An adult was 'obtained' at Oldbury-on-Severn on November 18th 1909.


KING EIDER  Somateria spectabilis: One was 'obtained' at Count (Court) Rocks, Shepperdine in November 1912.


LITTLE BITTERN  Ixobrycbus minutus: A juvenile/ immature was seen on the R Avon, Keynsham on September 28th 1959.


SOOTY SHEARWATER  Puffinus griseus: One was identified on September 7th from Aust 1974.


AQUATIC WARBLER  Acrocephalus paludicola: An adult was trapped on August 14th at Littleton-upon-Severn in 1976.


LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER  Limnodromus scolopaceus: One from Aust Warth on October 16th 1977.


TEREK SANDPIPER  Xenus cinereus: On September 20th 1986 an adult was found at Severn Beach.


BALEARIC SHEARWATER  Puffinus mauretanicus: One was seen on September 24th 1988 from New Passage.


WHITE-WINGED BLACK TERN  Chlidonias leucopterus: An adult was seen in flight past Aust Warth on May 3rd 1990.


ICTERINE WARBLER  Hippolais icterina: A summer male in song on May 15th 1992 at Fishpool Hill, Brentry.


Kumlien's Gull  Larus glaucoides kumlieni: On June 30th 1996 a 1st winter was seen at Oldbury Power Station.


RED-SPOTTED BLUETHROAT  Luscinia svecica: On May 14th 1998 a male was seen from Rushmead Lane, Marshfield.


TAIGA BEAN GOOSE  Anser fabilis: On March 1st 1998 one was reported on Lagoon III, Oldbury Power Station.


WESTERN SUBALPINE WARBLER  Sylvia cantillans: A female was found on May 2nd 2004 south of Severn Beach.


BLACK-BELLIED STORM PETREL  Fregetta tropica: On November 25th 2009 one was seen from Severn Beach.


BLACK-HEADED BUNTING  Emberiza malanocephala: On June 7th 2009 a male was seen at Yate.


Grey-headed Wagtail  Motacilla flava thunbergi: On September 26th 2009 a female was seen on Northwick Warth.


PACIFIC DIVER  Gavia pacifica: On the 27th 2009 a winter adult was seen off Severn Beach.


White-spotted Bluethroat  Luscinia svecica cyanecula: An adult male in gardens at Staple Hill on June 19th 2010.


PIED WHEATEAR  Oenanthe pleschanka: A 1st winter female at Oldbury-on-Severn on the 25th October 2011.


LAUGHING GULL  Leucophaeus atricilla: On May 1st 2012 an adult was seen south of Severn Beach.


DESERT WHEATEAR  Oenanthe deserti: A 1st winter male at Severn Beach on the sea wall on December 11th  2013.


Icelandic Golden Plover  Pluvialis apricaria altifrons: One in the Northwick Warth area on July 13th 2014.


RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL  Tarsiger cyanurus: A 1st winter male in the Shire Valley, Marshfield on February 3rd 2014.


PENDULINE TIT  Remiz pendulinus: An adult was seen on March 11th 2015 at Dyrham Park near Dyrham.


PALLID HARRIER  Circus macrourus: A second calendar was seen in the Shire Valley at Marshfield on April 12th 2016.


Icelandic Redpoll  Acanthis flammea islandica: A spring male on the Costal Footpath at New Passage on May 5th 2016.


WHISKERED TERN  Chlidonias hybrida: An adult was seen at Oldbury Power Station on May 10th 2016.


AMERICAN WIGEON  Anas americana: A 1st winter male from the Severn Way on Littleton Warth on January 2nd 2017.


IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF  Phylloscopus ibericus: A spring male was found at Kingsgate Park, Yate on March 25th 2017.


Ashy-headed Wagtail  Motacilla flava cinereocapilla: One on Northwick Warth and Pilning WR on April 15th 2018.


ORTOLAN BUNTING  Emberiza hortulana: One seen and heard over Northwick Warth on September 13th 2018.


COLLARED PRATINCOLE  Glareola pratincola: A summer adult on Pilning WR, Northwick Warth on May 21st 2020.


TUNDRA BEAN GOOSE  Anser serrirostris: A winter flock of eleven individuals at Oldbury Power Station on December 5th 2020.


LITTLE BUNTING  Emberiza pusilla: A spring adult in the south-west corner of Lagoon III, Oldbury Power Station on April 13th 2021.