The first documented chronological reference to species and forms in S. Gloucestershire since 2000



TUNDRA BEAN GOOSE: A winter flock of eleven individuals (ten adults and a single juvenile) in fields at the entrance to Oldbury Power Station on December 5th 2020 - Pete Hazelwood.


Tundra Bean Geese | Pete Hazelwood

COLLARED PRATINCOLE: A summer adult on Pilning WR, Northwick Warth on May 21st 2020 - Aravind Ramesh.


Collared Pratincole | Gary Thoburn

CITRINE WAGTAIL: A 1st summer female on Pilning Wetland Reserve, Northwick Warth on April 24th 2019 - Aravind Ramesh. Also a summer male on 1st Sentry Box Pool on April 25th 2019 - Chris Griffin.


Citrine Wagtail | Aravind Ramesh

ORTOLAN BUNTING | One on Northwick Warth on September 13th 2018 - Paul Bowerman.


Ashy-headed Wagtail | A male on Northwick Warth on April 15th 2018 - Mark Coller.


SERIN | A spring male briefly at New Passage on April 6th 2017 - Paul Bowerman.


IBERIAN CHIFFCHAFF| A spring male in Kingsgate Park, Yate on March 25th - 26th 2017 - Mark Coller.


AMERICAN WIGEON | A 1st winter drake on Littleton Warth on January 2nd 2017 - Ben Ofield.


WHISKERED TERN | An adult along the shore and Tidal Reservoir, Oldbury Power Station on May 10th 2016 - Pete Hazelwood.


PALLID HARRIER | A second calendar year bird in the Shire Valley, Marshfield around mid-day on April 12th 2016 - Martyn Hayes.


PENDULINE TIT | An adult in trees in the car park of Dyrham Park, Dyrham on March 11th 2015 - Mick Sheldon.


Icelandic Golden Plover | One in the New Passage/ Northwick Warth/ Pilning Wetland area from July 13th - 22nd 2014 - Unknown.


RED-FLANKED BLUETAIL | A 1st winter male in the Shire Valley, Marshfield on February 3rd 2014 - John Barnett.


DESERT WHEATEAR | A 1st winter male at Severn Beach on December 11th 2013 - Paul Bowerman.


Continental Coal Tit | One in the Hanging Hill/ Beach Wood area, Bitton on April 18th 2013 - Brian Edge.


GREAT WHITE EGRET | An adult over the M5 in the Almondsbury/ Patchway area on the 30th November 2012 - Chris Heyworth.


LAUGHING GULL | An adult from 'The Pipes' south of Severn Beach on May 1st 2012 - Paul Bowerman.


RED-THROATED PIPIT | A summer adult in the Northwick Warth/ Pilning Wetland area on April 22nd 2012 - John Martin.


Continental Greylag Goose | Six in flight between Warmley and Shortwood on November 18th 2011 - Rob Laughton.


PIED WHEATEAR | A 1st winter female at Oldbury-on-Severn Sailing Club, Oldbury-on-Severn on October 25th 2011 - Darryl Spittle.


Greenland White-fronted Goose | Two in flight south-west past Littleton-upon-Severn on October 17th 2010 - Matt Plenty.


White-spotted Bluethroat | An adult male in the gardens of Britannia Court, Staple Hill, Bristol on June 19th 2010 - Janet Farley.


PACIFIC DIVER | A winter adult off Severn Beach in 'Burger Bar Bay' on the 27th November 2009 - Martyn Hayes.


GLOSSY IBIS | A 1st winter in flight over Severn Beach, Northwick and Aust on October 14th 2009 - Pam Buckle, Phil Baber.


Grey-headed Wagtail | An adult female amongst cattle on Northwick Warth on September 26th 2009 - John Martin.


BLACK-HEADED BUNTING | A summer male around a bird table at Shackleton Avenue, Yate on June 7th 2009 - Mark Coller.


BLACK KITE | An adult drifting out of St. Catherine's Valley, Marshfield on the 26th May 2009 - John Mackenzie-Grieve.


Greenland Dunlin | One at Severn Beach on May 16th 2008 - John Martin.


Nordic Jackdaw | One of this form in horse paddocks along George Lane, Marshfield on January 25th 2008 - Rob Laughton.


EUROPEAN BEE-EATER | A presumed adult in flight at Severn Beach on May 13th 2007 - Paul Bowerman.


DARTFORD WARBLER | A male and female/ 1st winter male on Northwick Warth on October 5th 2005 - Michael Woodman-Smith.


Siberian Chiffchaff | An over wintering individual at Emerson's Green on January 1st 2005 - Andy Jordan.


WESTERN SUBALPINE WARBLER | A female one kilometre south of Severn Beach on May 2nd 2004 - John Martin.


COMMON REDPOLL | One on Thornbury Golf Course on February 10th 2004 - Matt Plenty.


CASPIAN GULL | An adult at Harnhill Landfill near Elberton on November 16th 2002 - John Martin, Dick Reader.


EGYPTIAN GOOSE | A presumed winter adult at Oldbury Power Station on February 12th 2002 - Andy Middleton.


AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER | One in flight south over New Passage around 08:00 on January 1st 2002 - Paul Bowerman.


YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER | A juvenile/ 1st winter at Old Passage on October 12th 2001 - Dick Reader.


RED-NECKED PHALAROPE | A juvenile/ 1st winter in flight off Severn Beach on October 8th 2001 - Paul Bowerman.


COMMON ROSEFINCH | A juvenile/ 1st winter at Leap Valley Downend on September 22nd 2001 - Andy Jordan.


Continental Cormorant | One at Oldbury Power Station on January 15th 2001 - Unknown.


GREEN-WINGED TEAL | A winter male at Oldbury Power Station on January 4th 2001 - M Warren.


ROSE-COLOURED STARLING | A winter male on Launceston Avenue, Hanham on December 8th 2000 - Rob Laughton.


CORY'S SHEARWATER | One in flight off Severn Beach on November 26th 2000 - Paul Bowerman.


COMMON CRANE | Two in flight over Severn Beach on January 3rd 2000 - Unknown.