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YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER - Phylloscopus inornatus























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One was reported in trees in a private garden on North Road, Thornbury on November 10th.



SEPTEMBER: One was found on the 24th in Sluice Copse, Northwick Warth, New Passage. OCTOBER: One was reported from the Dragon/ Mill Road area at Winterbourne on the 15th.



OCTOBER: One was reported on the 2nd at the south-west end of Lagoon III at Oldbury Power Station late afternoon with a tit flock and calling occasionally; Two, the first ever multiple occurrence of this species in S. Glos, were present early morning on the 7th in Willows and hedgerow at Severn View Services, Aust - with at least one still present throughout the 8th - 9th; One was reported on the 17th from the cycle track south of Bitton in the area where the track crosses the R. Avon; One was found in Willows in 'The Pipes' area one kilometre south of Severn Beach around 10:45 on the 21st and was present throughout the 22nd.



OCTOBER: One was heard calling around 08:30 on the 13th in trees on the west/ south side of Kingsgate Park, Yate. It was subsequently heard and seen briefly around 10:30 but not again by dusk; One was seen several times in a mixed flock around 13:30 on the 15th in the hedgerow adjacent to the Science Park at Emerson's Green; One was both seen and heard in a small copse above Severn View Services, Aust on the 17th; One was heard to call briefly at Kingsgate Park, Yate on the 18th.



One was seen and heard in trees on Quarry Road, Chipping Sodbury by the bridge over the R. Frome from September 30th until October 2nd; One was heard at 08:00 on October 12th at Aust Cliffs and again in the afternoon but not seen.



One was seen on November 17th - 29th at Oldbury Power Station in Birch and Fir trees near the entrance buildings.



One was seen on February 27th, remarkably, also in the grounds of the Abbeywood complex at Filton. It was first noticed at 10:30 and was seen again around lunch time; One possibly this species was present on the motorway embankment behind Ormond Close at Bradley Stoke at 15:45 on December 14th at ST: 626 814.



On February 4th a juvenile/ 1st winter was found along the cycle track one hundred and fifty metres north of Abbey Wood Station on the MOD site in Filton.



On October 12th a juvenile/ 1st winter was found at Old Passage. This is the first documented reference to this species in S. Gloucestershire.


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