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WILLOW TIT - Parus montanus

































Four were reported from Lower Woods, Wickwar on December 23rd, two in the Chase Hill area (ST: 73 88) and two from South Moon Ridings (ST: 74 88) with one reported from South Moon Ridings on December 28th.



Two were heard and one seen on Inglestone Common in the Wetmoor area near the river at Littley Wood on May 10th and 19th.


One was seen and heard on Inglestone Common at Lower Woods Lodge on January 30th about 100 meters along the track on the left towards the entrance gate/ notice board. The dull cap, light wing panel and call, a nasal buzzing call were clearly noted; Four were reported on the North Edge of Bishops Hill Wood (ST: 733 873) near Wickwar on February 28th; One was both seen and heard on Inglestone Common near the car park early morning on March 12th; At least three were seen and heard at Lower Woods near Wickwar on April 20th; One was seen at Lower Woods in the Great Trench area on July 30th.



Two records from Lower Woods, Wickwar; one on June 13th and one on July 25th.



One was seen and heard at Wetmoor at Lower Moors Nature Reserve at 15:30 around ST: 745 875 on November 29th.



On June 26th on Inglestone Common a parent bird was seen very well at close range, feeding a fledged youngster. Both birds calling loudly and identification was confirmed on a variety of features: extent of white on cheeks (no buff area at rear of coverts), matt black hood, large bib (flaring out at base), distinct pale panel on wing, formed from light secondary edges. Thick-necked. Rear of hood appearing more attenuated. Lack of any pale area at base of upper mandible. Etc. Diagnostic calls. The birds were in an area of bushes, away from the main woodland. The parent was gathering insects at a height of c.5 - 10ft off the ground and they were watched in bright sunny conditions at close range for 10 - 15 minutes.



One, a juvenile was reported at Lower Woods, Hawkesbury on July 3rd and again on July 5th.



An individual was noted on Inglestone Common on April 21st.



One was seen and heard on Northwick Warth on September 26th.



One was reported from Cleeve Wood, Willsbridge on July 7th.



There were four reports of individuals this year but unfortunately no dates, they were noted at Inglestone Common, Marshfield, Oakford - St. Catherine and Wick.



Up to two birds were reported sometime this year from Inglestone Common and Dunkirk but no dates are available.



One possibly two birds reported from Littleton Pits, Inglestone Common, Horton and Oakford - St. Catherine but no dates are available.



Confirmed reports of a bird at Inglestone Common but no dates are available.



One was reported at Inglestone Common near Wickwar on May 27th with three at the same site on September 3rd; One was noted at Marshfield on August 11th.



Two were reported from Inglestone Common near Wickwar on August 3rd.



Reports of one and sometimes two from Inglestone Common near Wickwar.



Reports of usually single birds but sometimes two from Inglestone Common near Wickwar sometime this year.



One was watched feeding in an orchard on January 29th at Oldbury-upon-Severn.



One was seen and heard in a hedgerow on February 23rd at Stoke Gifford.



On December 24th at Little Stoke one was seen in a hedgerow, and again near same spot on December 27th; the plumage details and characteristic nasal call clearly noted.



A single bird was seen on September 23rd near Stoke Gifford, identified by the characteristic nasal call note, was heard in a hedgerow. Identification was fully confirmed on September 24th when the observer obtained excellent views and clearly noted the sooty brown crown, the light secondary patches and the well marked buffish flanks.



On February 15th at Sherborne's Brake, Stoke Gifford an adult was seen near the same spot as the one seen toward the end of the previous year. The writer's attention was first drawn to the characteristic nasal call note, and the bird was later viewed at close quarters (cf. also Proc., BNS 1940, p.96).



On September 24th at Stoke Gifford, a presumed adult was clearly identified along a water course at Stoke Gifford. This is the first documented reference to this species in S. Gloucestershire. One was seen and heard on the 11th December on the outskirts of Savage's Wood, Stoke Gifford.


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