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POMARINE SKUA - Stercorarius pomarinus

































OCTOBER: An adult was seen from Severn Beach on the 16th.



MAY: Four seen from Severn Beach on the 5th included three pale morph and two dark morph at 09:50 and a further dark morph at 11: 20; Around twenty were noted throughout the day from Severn Beach on the 6th which included a flock of twelve; One pale morph was seen past Severn Beach on the 9th. JUNE: A pale morph was seen from Severn Bach around 08:20 on the 2nd. JULY: A single pale morph was reported from Severn Beach during a late afternoon/ early evening sea watch on the 27th. NOVEMBER: A pale morph adult with full 'spoons' was seen from Severn Beach in the morning on the 13th and in the afternoon on the 18th; A pale morph adult with full 'spoons' was seen heading down river from Severn Beach around 10:30 on the 29th. DECEMBER: A pale morph adult was seen from Severn Beach heading down river around 10:15 on the 1st. It was subsequently seen from New Passage around 13:00 before heading up river towards the Severn Bridge.



MAY: A pale morph sporting full 'spoons' from Severn Beach between 15:55 and 16:05 on the 8th; Five in a single flock from Severn Beach on the 9th; A flock of seven pale morph birds heading north-east past Severn Beach between 19:00 and 19:30 on the 10th; Four from Severn Beach in the evening on the 11th.



APRIL: Two pale morph's off Severn Beach on the 18th with one straying upriver to Oldbury Power Station at 11:45. MAY: A pale morph adult with full 'spoons' off Severn Beach mid afternoon on the 3rd; Four throughout the day off Severn Beach on the 4th three pale, one dark morph; On the 10th, 14 altogether with five pale morph's at 06:45, one at 08:50 plus an additional two, then a different flock of six, four dark & two pale morph's over the Old Severn Bridge from Aust Warth at 10:15; Eight off Severn Beach on the 11th.



APRIL: One heading up river off New Passage early morning on the  30th. JUNE: At least twenty-one off Severn Beach on the 8th; Three, two light and one dark morph, off Severn Beach on the 22nd.



MAY: One probably this species distantly from Severn Beach early morning on the 8th; A dark morph in flight south from Severn Beach at 12:25 on the 11th; Two pale morph birds in flight north past Severn Beach at 13:18 on the 22nd. SEPTEMBER: An adult with full spoons off Severn Beach at 17:00 on the 6th. OCTOBER: A juvenile for several hours off New Passage on the 18th.



APRIL: Two pale morph birds with full spoons from Severn Beach at 07:55 on the 30th then drifted high south-west.



MAY: A dark morph with a full set of 'spoons' off Severn Beach at 06:50 on the 8th; Two (both pale morph) off Severn Beach in the evening on the 14th; Eleven off Severn Beach at 19:40 on the 15th, consisting of ten pale morph and one dark morph. NOVEMBER: A pale morph off Northwick Warth at 13:10 on the 22nd; A pale morph sub adult off Severn Beach at 13:30 on the 25th and on the 26th - 27th and nearby over Slimeroad Sands mid estuary on the 29th; One on the 24th in the Oldbury Power Station area.



MAY: On the 6th a pale morph adult with full spoons off Severn Beach mid morning before departing south-west; Nine, including one dark morph for most of the day off Severn Beach on the 8th; On the 10th a pale morph from Severn Beach late morning with possibly the same bird north-east past Severn Beach at 09:20 on the 11th; On the 19th a pale morph off Severn Beach in the morning. JUNE: On the 3rd a sub adult dark morph off Severn Beach at 09:35, it or another later in the day flying north. NOVEMBER: An adult light morph with full 'spoons' lingered off New Passage at 13:15 on the 8th.



Two adults flew north-east past Severn Beach at 10:05 on May 1st; On December 7th a pale morph was lingering off Severn Beach between 08:00 and 10:10.


One off Severn Beach on May 7th; An adult pale morph was watched on October 25th off Severn Beach; A juvenile on November 4th off Severn Beach.


Three with full spoons on April 4th off Severn Beach; Nine on April 19th off Severn Beach; Three pale morph birds flew up river off Severn Beach on April 30th; One on May 3rd off Severn Beach; Thirty-six on May 4th off Severn Beach; One off Severn Beach on September 20th.



One, an adult on April 22nd off Severn Beach.



A 1st summer on May 27th off Severn Beach; A dark morph on September 6th off Severn Beach.



On January 4th a 1st winter heading inland at Severn Beach; An adult on April 4th off Severn Beach.



On April 23rd a light morph off Severn Beach; On October 9th a light morph summer adult off Severn Beach.



A total of eighteen birds on May 2nd off Severn Beach, fifteen mostly light morph at 08:45 plus three light morph at 18:45, two lingered into May 3rd one of which was a light morph; One light morph on June 3rd off Severn Beach; One light morph on June 6th off Severn Beach; Two on November 3rd at Severn Beach consisted of a dark morph juvenile and a light morph adult; One light morph adult on November 6th off Severn Beach.



A light morph sub-adult on the water and in flight heading south-west on August 20th off New Passage.



A light morph heading north-east on May 8th off New Passage.



A light morph off  New Passage on April 5th; Three, including two 'light phase' on April 27th off New Passage.



One on February 12th off Aust Warth subsequently at both New Passage and Severn Beach; Three on April 15th off New Passage.



On May 21st a single bird off New Passage; On December 24th one at Aust Warth.



A light morph on September 28th off New Passage; One on October 6th off New Passage; One at New Passage on October 8th.



Two light morph on June 6th off New Passage heading north-east; One light morph on October 16th off New Passage heading south-west.



A 1st winter on January 19th off New Passage; One on May 25th off New Passage still present on May 26th.



Single birds, both dark morph off New Passage on October 16th and 17th. Observers noted they appeared less bulky and slightly smaller than Great Skua, having a black rather than brown head, neck and breast; and more 'barrel-chested than Arctic Skua. They also showed only a small white patch at the base of the primaries, with white feathers shafts radiating from it.



One a corpse near Hawkesbury Upton sometime in December.



One 'obtained' sometime in November at New Passage. This is the first documented reference to this species in S. Gloucestershire.


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