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HAWFINCH - Coccothraustes coccothraustes


















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JANUARY: Up to six birds at St Anne’s Church, Oldland Common between the 1st - 31st with seven on the 11th and eight on the 26th; One, possibly two, at the east end of Cloud Wood, Marshfield on the 7th, 10th and 22nd; One flew over the reedbed at Lagoon II, Oldbury Power Station alighting in trees briefly on the 11th; One was visiting feeders in the Withymead area, Marshfield from the 18th - 31st; One reported from Siston Common on the 20th. FEBRUARY: Up to five at St Anne’s Church, Oldland Common between the 1st - 27th with seven on the 19th; six on the 24th; One in the Withymead area, Marshfield from the 1st - 19th. MARCH One in the Withymead area, Marshfield from the 3rd - 10th, 14th and 25th with two present on the 6th; One in the St. Anne's Church/ Willsbridge area on the 4th with three present on the 6th, two on the 11th; One south-west from Aust Cliffs then over Aust Warth on the 10th. APRIL: One in the St. Anne's Church/ Willsbridge area on the 8th;
















 St. Anne's Church, Oldland Common




























 Oldbury Power Station














 Aust Warth/ Cliffs














 Siston Common














 Total Bird Days

















OCTOBER: At least one over Northwick Warth on the 15th; One over Aust Cliffs on the 18th;Three birds were both seen and heard in flight over Oldbury Power Station during a migration watch on the 24th; Two were noted in bushes at the south end of Lagoon II, Oldbury Power Station before moving towards The Orchard on the 26th; One from Kingsgate Park, Yate on the 30th. NOVEMBER: Two were seen in flight over Cribbs Causeway at 07:00 on the 2nd; At least four birds were present at Lower Woods, Wickwar on the 5th with an additional bird noted at Oldbury Power Station; A juvenile/ female was seen in trees at at the south-west end of Lagoon III, at Oldbury Power Station on the 16th- 17th; Two birds in trees at the Horton end of Chipping Sodbury Common at 14:30 on the 19th; Two around Lagoon II at Oldbury Power Station on the 28th; One, probably this species, heard calling in trees in front of the house, within the one way system at Tortworth Court on the 30th. DECEMBER: One in treetops at the south-west end of Lagoon III on the 5th - 7th and 9th; Two at the east end of Cloud Wood, Marshfield on the 12th with one reported there on the 15th; Three were present and flying around the churchyard at St Anne’s Church, Oldland on the 13th - 15th with four on the 16th, one on the 18th, at least three on the 24th, at least two on the 28th; five present on the 30th, at least three birds possibly five on the 31st; One reported from Hanham Court, Hanham on the 16th and 28th.



Three birds were flushed from bushes around Orchard Pools, Severn Beach at 09:30 on November 4th before heading south; A wholly unconfirmed report of two in flight over Pilning Wetland on November 9th; One, probably this species, was seen in flight to the south-west of Lagoon III at Oldbury Power Station on November 12th and subsequently south-west along the shoreline.



One in flight over Quarry Road, Chipping Sodbury at 15:30 on November 17th.



One heard well but seen briefly at Monks Pools, Winterbourne (ST: 638 810) on January 1st; One briefly at Pixtons Green south east of Marshfield on January 13th around ST: 794 713; A female at Kingsgate Park, Yate on February 24th - 27th. The same or another at the same site on March 17th; One flew from trees at the entrance to Oldbury Power Station towards the estuary at 13:00 on July 31st; One in flight over the orchard at Oldbury Power Station at 11:45 on December 1st.



At least one at 09:00 in a massive visible migration past New Passage and Aust Cliffs  on October 25th; One in flight north-east past Oldbury Power Station on October 26th with a second there on October 27th; Two in flight then sat in trees on November 18th near Lyegrove Farm, north of the B4040 between Old Sodbury and Badminton then flew off west.



One on March 20th at Kingsgate Park, Yate at 08:30; On November 11th, one flying high to the north-east at Oldbury Power Station; On December 18th at 10:00, a large finch with a white stripe through the wing and probably this species with Chaffinch flock between Latteridge and Earthcott Green.



One in flight north-east past New Passage on October 11th with a further individual there on October 12th; One flying high to the north-east at Oldbury Power Station on November 11th.



One at 15:20 near Hawkesbury Upton in trees on west side of the Cotswold Way around ST: 773 871 on January 7th; One on Ringswell Common, Doncombe Valley, Marshfield on January 15th; One probably this species flew over Ringswell Common, Doncombe Valley on January 18th; Five at Bodkin Hazel Wood, Petty France on January 25th where they appeared to fly in from the Hawkesbury Upton direction then flew south-east towards Badminton; A male in trees at the bottom corner of Manorbrook School Field and Streamside Walk, Thornbury (ST: 643 910) on February 17th & 19th.


St. Anne's Churchyard, California Road, Longwell Green: One was seen on January 28th with three present on January 29th and nine on January 30th - 31st; Five were present on February 1st with one wandering to Willsbridge Mill car park on Longbeach Road; Three present on February 2nd - 3rd & 10th with at least five on February 5th, seven on February 9th, 16th - 17th, six on February 11th & 15th; two on February 14th; At least six were still present on February 23rd & 25th; Four showing on February 27th; Possibly as many as six were heard calling on March 7th with at least three seen on March 13th; Two were present on March 18th, 20th & 25th; At least one was noted late afternoon on April 1st.


Kingsgate Park, Yate: Four were seen on February 12th with one still present on February 13th, 18th and 25th, two on February 19th & 20th; up to four were noted on February 14th; Three on February 26th; Two were seen at lunchtime on March 6th with four at the same time on March 11th; Two were present early morning on March 16th.



Two, a male and female at Ringswell Common, Marshfield 300 metres east of Marshfield ST Works at 11:15 on November 26th; One at Thornbury in the Streamside Walk/ Hyde Avenue area on November 30th; A male at Marshfield on Ringswell Common on December 1st - 4th; One at ST: 784 713 near Motcombe Farm, St. Catherine's Valley on December 7th; Two on Ringswell Common, Marshfield in the Doncombe Valley on December 8th with one still on December 10th; One in Kingsgate Park at Yate in trees behind the lake on December 11th - 13th.



One was noted at Hawkesbury Upton on January 9th.



On January 31st three from Brimsham Park in Yate at 13:15. (ST: 714 842) Generally there were on average six to nine birds present, but on February 7th there were twelve reported. Present from January 31st until at least March 11th when five were seen at 09:00; An adult male (possibly two) at Willsbridge Mill on at least March 26th.



Two, a pair, on November 12th in a garden at North Common, Warmley; On December 18th one at Brimsham Park in Yate. At approximately 12:15 the bird was near the lake at the edge of the houses associating with Greenfinch and Goldfinch, as well as Blue Tit. After alighting at the top of a medium height tree it stayed for 20 - 25 minutes allowing clear close views it didn't seem to be alarmed by a close approach. Eventually it left to fly past the lake and on towards the east. (ST: 714 839). It was seen again on December 20th.



Two on November 1st at Oldbury Power Station.



Two flying north-east past New Passage on June 1st.



Up to four birds from Inglestone Common sometime between January 6th and July 28th.



Reports of up to eight birds at Inglestone Common from January 1st up to April 24th and from July 6th onwards.



Reference is made to one or more birds seen at Hallen sometime this year.



Reports of up to six birds from Inglestone Common sometime this year.



One in flight at Frenchay on April 6th.



Two presumed winter adults on November 28th at Tortworth.



On June 1st a presumed adult from Dodington Park.



On March 18th a presumed adult at Old Sodbury.



On May 18th one was reported in the grounds at Tortworth Court where, with, an abundance of suitable nesting sites the bird is possibly a regular breeder. Recorded in the past as being common at Tortworth (cf. Witchell and Strugnell, The Fauna and Flora of Gloucestershire, 1892; p. 65).



Bristol Naturalists Society New Series Volume 1: 1874 -75 - 76: Listed as abundant and remaining until late spring. Breeding in the Almondsbury area where nests and eggs were collected. This is the first documented reference to this species in S. Gloucestershire.


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