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GREY PHALAROPE - Phalaropus fulicaria




























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SEPTEMBER: An adult was found on Butts Pool, Pilning Wetland late afternoon on the 20th where it remained until dusk. It was present again on the 21st remaining faithful to Butts Pool. It was joined on the pools by a juvenile/ 1st winter late afternoon on the 21st. A third individual was also found on the 21st when a juvenile/ 1st winter was located on the estuary from Severn Beach. Adult and juvenile/ 1st winter still together on Butts Pool, Pilning Wetland on the 22nd with a juvenile/ 1st winter nearby in Chestle Pill. All three birds were present on Pilning Wetland on the 23rd with the adult and one juvenile/ 1st winter lingering on site on the 24th; A winter adult was seen briefly at Oldbury Power Station on the 25th;



SEPTEMBER: One was seen from Severn Beach on the 11th. OCTOBER: A 1st winter was seen along the Severnside coast between Severn Beach and New Passage/ Northwick Warth on the (7th) 8th - 10th; An unconfirmed report of one seen distantly from Severn Beach on the 21st.



One was seen briefly early morning from the seawall at New Passage on September 25th; One was reported briefly at mid-day on October 3rd from New Passage; One was seen at close range (5 metres) at Shepperdine on November 9th around 16:20. It was noted flying along the sea wall to settle briefly on the Tidal Reservoir at Oldbury Power Station. The same or another was noted in the same area on November 13th; One was seen in flight north past Severn Beach around 14:00 on November 21st.



A juvenile/ 1st winter was seen in the New Passage/ Northwick Warth area on September 18th; One was seen in the Littleton Warth/ Thornbury Sailing Club area on September 21st.


One was seen from Severn Beach at 06:55 on September 14th off the concrete sea defences where it was watched being blown inland over the village shops.



One was seen at around 08:45 off Shaft Beach at Severn Beach and in flight on the estuary on September 17th.



One was found off New Passage on the mornings low tide on August 31st where it lingered throughout the day and was still present in the evening; One was noted off Severn Beach at 12:45 on November 25th; One was seen on Shaft Beach at Severn Beach at 10:40 before flying south on December 6th.



The remains of a predated bird, giblets, feathers and part of a wing were found at Severn Beach on December 31st. They were compared to specimens at Bristol Museum and confirmed as a 1st winter.



On October 7th a juvenile/ 1st winter was reported at Severn Beach three hundred metres south of the second Severn Crossing off the seawall at 18:30.


On October 31st one was watched off Severn Beach; On December 14th one was seen also off Severn Beach.


One was seen on January 4th on Severnside.



One on August 29th off Severn Beach was observed approximately 500 metres offshore.



On October 8th a juvenile was found at Oldbury Power Station.



A juvenile was located on September 16th at Oldbury Power Station.



A juvenile was found on September 11th at Oldbury Power Station and remained until the 15th.



On September 18th one was seen at Oldbury Power Station; On September 27th another was noted at Severn Beach.



One was found on January 4th off New Passage.



Three were seen at New Passage on October 17th with two on October 18th and one on October 19th.



An individual was noted on September 16th at Severn Beach.



On October 21st one (possibly two birds) was identified at Stoke Gifford, on flooded pastures, then present until October 28th. This is the first documented reference to this species in S. Gloucestershire.


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