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FIRECREST - Regulus ignicapillus - c.65





























Lee Gardiner




2020  1

One was reported from the Wild Places Project, Easter Compton on January 8th.


MARCH: One was reported at Brimsham Park, Yate in the north-west corner of the fishing lake on the 23rd. OCTOBER: One was trapped, ringed and released in the Almondsbury area on the 12th; One was seen in trees at the Kennedy Way/ TESCO roundabout Yate on the 30th. NOVEMBER: One reported with a tit flock from Chipping Sodbury Golf Course on the 19th. DECEMBER: One with a tit flock on the edge of the dense scrub in the south-east corner of Lagoon II, Oldbury Power Station on the 3rd.



MARCH: One reported from Chipping Sodbury on the 8th. DECEMBER: At least one was both seen and heard in the Ableton Lane area at Severn Beach on the 17th and was still present on the 19th.



APRIL: One was seen in woodland between Old Down, Lower Hazel and Alveston around ST: 626 876 at 15:00 on the 7th. JUNE: A male was both seen and heard on territory at Lower Woods, Wickwar on the 1st. It was noted on the red/ green route at Little Stanley Wood between The Walk and Plumbers Trench at ST: 741 882 on at least the 1st - 4th. NOVEMBER: One was seen in a hedgerow at Willsbridge around 10:00 on the 3rd from the foot path at ST: 662 703. DECEMBER: One was present at St Anne's Church, Oldland between 11:30 and mid-day on the 18th.



JANUARY: One was present at Ableton Lane/ Orchard Pools, Severn Beach on the 4th - 5th and again early morning on the 8th. OCTOBER: One was reported with a tit flock in scrub opposite Shaft Beach, Severn Beach on the 2nd; One was seen very briefly at Severn View Services, Aust in the afternoon on the 8th.



MARCH: One was seen with Goldcrest  in the morning on the 17th at Oldbury Power Station in brambles at the steps from the main Rhine leading to Lagoon II. OCTOBER: One was reported at 13:15 in trees opposite Caroline Cottage, New Passage on the 16th; One was present at Ableton Lane/ Orchard Pools, Severn Beach from the 28th - 31st. NOVEMBER: One was present at Ableton Lane/ Orchard Pools, Severn Beach from the 3rd with two there from the 4th - 7th and at least one on the 9th; One was seen in brambles alongside the reedbed on the north-east side of Lagoon II at Oldbury Power Station on the 3rd, 12th and 28th.



One was present on January 11th at Three Brooks LNR, Bradley Stoke in Webb's Wood at ST: 624 815.


One was reported on January 15th in bushes along the cycle track to Mangotsfield Station between Staple Hill and Mangotsfield on the section between the two bridges leading up to Mangotsfield School; A presumed male was seen and heard singing at Severn View Services on April 16th; Two, a male and a female 'type' were seen around Lagoon II at Oldbury Power Station on November 13th, 16th - 17th with at least one present on the 15th; One or two were possibly heard only from dense scrub at the south end of Lagoon II at Oldbury Power Station on November 30th. At least one still present at the same location on December 9th.



One was reported in the Thornbury area on January 26th.


At Orchard Pools near Severn Beach: At least one was present on January 9th, 11th, 26th - 27th & 30th with two present on January 25th; One was seen on February 21st and was still present on February 24th; Two were relocated on Ableton Lane on February 28th; One was present on March 2nd, 6th, 8th - 10th & 17th, two noted on March 5th, 7th, 11th - 14th & 16th, three present on March 13th.



A male was present and heard singing around Grebe Pond on Northwick Warth at 10:30 on March 20th (ST: 552 864); An adult was seen at Oldbury Power Station in the hedge along the bridleway from the entrance to the shore on September 7th and was still present at 12:30; Two were seen at Orchard Pools near Severn Beach on December 13th and December 20th; One still present on December 24th and 31st.



On March 16th one was seen in a garden at Severn Beach at 07:05 and again in the hedgerow leading to the railway station at 07:10.


One, a 1st winter/ female, was found on the target mound at Northwick Warth on December 18th.


One was noted on March 27th at New Passage; On October 16th one was seen at Severn Beach; One on November 27th was near Orchard Pools at Severn Beach; One was seen on November 28th at Leap Valley, Downend.



A male was found on October 18th at Aust; One was seen on October 27th also at Aust Cliffs.


A male was identified on May 20th at New Passage.


One was located on March 10th at Leap Valley in Downend and was still present on March 11th.


One was found on January 19th on Severnside; A male was seen on February 23rd on Severnside; Two were found on March 15th on Severnside, with one lingering until March 16th.



One was seen at Barr's Court, Oldland Common on January 7th; One was seen on March 24th at Aust Sewage Treatment Works; One on October 27th was noted at New Passage; One on November 3rd was seen in Hanham at ST: 649 706.



A male was seen on March 11th at Broad Lane in Westerleigh.


One was seen near Elberton sometime in February; One was seen at New Passage sometime in April.


One was noted near Thornbury sometime in March; One was reported from Over sometime in November.




One was reported sometime between January 5th and April 7th from Hanham Hills, Hanham.



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