Greenland Dunlin

Calidris alpina arctica

John Martin













2021 (-) c.25

MAY: Several of the form 'arctica' were watched on the foreshore at Severn Beach and Northwick Warth on the 8th - 9th; Two were noticed at Pillhead Gout, Oldbury Power Station on the morning of the 11th; At least one on the foreshore from New Passage on the 14th; Around a dozen were reported from Pilning WR on the 21st; Four watched from Littleton Warth on the 23rd. SEPTEMBER: At least one reported in the high tide roost at New Passage on the 11th.


2019 (3)

At least three were noted from Northwick Warth on May 8th with one still present on the 1st Sentry Box Pool, Pilning WR on May 9th.

2017 (5)
At least two were present at New Passage and Severn Beach on May 14th with at least three on Pilning WR on May 15th.

2014 (1)
One was seen at Severn Beach in the afternoon on May 24th.

2013 (1)
One was seen with Dunlin at New Passage on May 27th.

2012 (3)
Two were identified in the evening at Severn Beach on May 19th; One at Severn Beach on May 20th.

2011 (2)
One was noted at Severn Beach on May 15th and a further individual was seen at the same site on May 22nd.

2010 (6)

At Severn Beach at least two were identified on May 23rd with a further four on May 26th.

2008 (4)

One was reported from Severn Beach on May 16th with two there on May 20th and one on June 2nd.