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RECORDS (c.105)


Sightings of Common Crane in S. Gloucestershire are clouded by birds from reintroduction programmes, nevertheless all reports will be recorded for posterity.


2024 - 5

Two were noted in flight to the north-east over Pilning WR. New Passage on March 14th; Three were watched on June 7th circling over Oldbury Village before heading south-west towards Aust; One was seen in flight at 07:00 heading north-east inland of Lagoon II, Oldbury Power Station on June 8th.



Three were reported in flight to the north-west over Willsbridge Mill around 10:30 on January 17th; Two were watched very high drifting south over Pilning WR, New Passage on March 27th; Four were seen in flight south over Severn View Services/ Aust Cliffs early morning on September 13th.



One reported from the Upton Cheyney area on October 25th.



Four were noted in flight over Littleton-on-Severn on August 20th.



FEBRUARY: Two were seen in flight at 07:35 on the 19th from the A403 coast road and heading over Severn Beach. MARCH: One noted in flight heading north over Severn View Services, Aust at 15:00 on the 22nd; Two high south over Northwick Warth and Severn Beach at 17:00 on the 23rd before heading east. OCTOBER: Seven were counted drifting high east late afternoon over Tortworth towards Charfield on the 9th.



MARCH: Two were seen in flight north over Pilning Wetland on the 25th. SEPTEMBER: One heard calling and lifting from a field between Alveston and Tockington on the 29th.



FEBRUARY: Three were seen circling over Oldbury Power Station on the 23rd at 12:50 before drifting south towards Thornbury. The same (assumed) three individuals were noted heading north from Severn Beach at 16:30. MARCH: Three were seen briefly on the 15th in the morning in flight over Thornbury. They approached from the south-west over Gloucester Road/ Charles Close and departed north-east towards Oldbury Power Station; Two birds circled low over Pilning Wetland around 15:00 on the 17th before departing east and north. APRIL: One was heard calling inland from the Severn Way in the Shepperdine area on the 17th. MAY: Two were seen over Oldbury Power Station at 09:45 on the 5th; Six birds were seen in flight north over Easter Compton (from the Wild Places Project, Cribbs Causeway) at 15:00 on the 12th; Four were noted in flight west over Wick at 10:30 on the 17th. OCTOBER: Two unringed adults were found on Northwick Warth early morning on the 7th remaining a short while before departing east.



MARCH: A flock of five were seen heading north-west over Olveston at 13:55 on the 18th and were presumed to be wandering birds from the Great Crane Project; One of unknown provenance was seen on the 27th in flight over Pilning Wetland on Northwick Warth before departing north east. The observer noted that no legs rings were visible. APRIL: Five were watched for ten minutes over Tytherington at 14:45 before gaining height and moving south on the 5th; One probably this species, was seen circling over Streamleaze, Thornbury between 13:30 and 1400 on the 13th before departing north. MAY: Two were noted in flight over Oldbury Power Station at 11:05 on the 4th. They circled over Shepperdine gaining height and departed south-west. They were seen again over Thornbury Yacht Club and continued down river over the central span of the old Severn Bridge and were lost to view at 11:40.



APRIL: From the 'Great Crane Project': Three were seen by two observers on the 9th in flight and being mobbed by Sparrowhawk in the Castle Farm area at Marshfield at 11:50.This is the first record for the Marshfield patch; Three were relocated on the 10th in fields between Oldbury Power Station and Shepperdine at 10:30 for twenty minutes before heading north-east; Seven birds were noisy visitors over-flying Lagoon III at Oldbury Power Station at 16:20 and heading south-west on the 25th! Two flew upriver past Oldbury Power Station at 17:00 on the 27th. MAY: One was seen circling high over Kingswood, Bristol at 11:25 on the 4th before departing north-north-east. SEPTEMBER: An un-ringed individual was seen in flight at 10:45 over Pilning Wetland and New Passage before departing south-west on September 22nd.



From the 'Great Crane Project': Four were seen in flight over to the north east at 14:00 at Oldbury Power Station on April 2nd; One flew over Oldbury Power Station at 11:40 on April 22nd soaring and gaining height before drifting off south west; Six were reported on May 16th from Severn Beach.



Three were seen flying north over Kingswood at ST: 658 740 at around 11:00 on April 5th; One was reported over the R. Avon at Hanham at 13:00 on April 6th.



One was seen in flight heading north over Aust Warth around 09:30 on March 2nd.



One was seen at Oldbury Power Station on May 4th from Lagoon II at around 16:00 flying north-east before being lost to view just seconds later.



On February 25th a presumed family party of five were located in stubble fields at Tortworth. The group consisted of two adults and three sub adults and were present in the area until March 2nd.



Two were noted on January 3rd over Severn Beach. They were seen in flight heading low eastwards and watched heading inland where they were lost to view.