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Nymphalis antiopa




© Bill Heselgrave




EARLIEST:  June 22nd 2017 at Lower Woods, Inglestone Common LATEST:  August 27th 2004 at Willsbridge





One was both seen and photographed at the Gloucester Wildlife Trust - Lower Woods Reserve, Wickwar around mid-day on June 22nd. Seen by at least two observers it spent an all too brief time on Horton Great Trench around ST: 744 875. Putatively a released specimen!



One reported from the Willsbridge Mill/ Siston Brook area at Willisbridge on August 27th. ST: 66 70. NBN Atlas - Occurrence record 548304957.


One was reported from the Broad Croft area at Bradley Stoke on August 22nd. ST: 614 828. NBN Atlas - Occurrence record 549103924.



One was reported from Filton Railway Embankment and Garden sometime that year. ST: 61 79. NBN Atlas - Occurrence record 549043600.



One was reported from a private garden at Downend, Bristol sometime in August of that year. The Proceedings of the Bristol Naturalists Society 1877.



One reported on August 5th near Berkeley Road Station, Staple Hill. ST: 64 76. NBN Atlas - Occurrence record 549079093. This is the first documented reference to this species in S. Gloucestershire.



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