The Birds Of South Gloucestershire was conceived in 2003 with a primary objective of providing a point of reference with easy access to information about rare, scarce and unusual bird sightings, both full species and forms, seen in 'S. Glos' to anyone from the back garden birdwatcher with a mild interest in local birdwatching to the avid 'birder' and yes even the odd 'twitcher'.


It is by no means authoritative nor exhaustive but it does, I feel, capture the essence of 'modern birding' in this extremely important region of the UK. It also highlights some of the changing trends in birds seen across the region over the years. It is not a 'news service' (per se) but does wherever possible provide reliable information on 'recent sightings' from across the recording area.


In more recent times The Birds Of South Gloucestershire has added to its information pages systematic lists for Butterflies, Dragonflies and Damselflies. Also in operation with over one hundred members is the 'South Glos Birds' WhatsApp group where participants can share and discuss all manner of flora and fauna that occurs within the 'S. Glos' boundary.


The Birds Of South Gloucestershire is entirely self funded, however, if you feel you can offer support feel free to get in touch.... we'd be delighted to hear from you! Find all of the relevant information on our 'Contacts Page'.