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These are unfiltered reports, all sightings of rare and scarce birds are subject to ratification by the appropriate rarities committee.


MARCH 2018



Monday 12th to Sunday 18th March 2018.



Six were found on the 16th on Pilning Wetland early morning before moving to New Passage. (Tony Scott)


© Paul Bowerman



One was noted on top of the cooling towers at Oldbury Power Station on the 12th. (OPS Birding)



One at feeders in the Withymead area, Marshfield again on the 14th. (Denise Whittle)


© Denise Whittle



One was seen on Aust Warth on the 17th. (John Martin)



A summer plumaged adult was seen in flight north-east up the estuary on the 12th. (OPS Birding)



Two heading west over Chipping Sodbury and one over Church Road, Yate at 11:40 on the 14th. (David Poulton) One over Thornbury at 12:50 on the 18th. (Theo Stockwell)



The first of the year was seen at Oldbury Power Station on the 18th. (Matt Plenty)



One, the first of the year, down river at Oldbury Power Station at 17:40 on the 16th. (Pete Hazelwood) This sighting represents the earliest date for this species in S. Glos. The previous earliest was Marsh 28th 2016 also at OPS!



A migrant flew over and across the Severn from New Passage north towards Benchley Point on the 12th. (Paul Bowerman) AUST WARTH: At least four on show on the 13th, (Penny Wills), four on the 15th, three on the 16th, two on the 18th. (et.al)


© Rod Holbrook



One, probably this species or possibly Scandinavian Rock Pipit, in near summer plumage from Aust Warth on the 18th (Vic Savery)



The first of the year was logged at Thornbury Sailing Club, Oldbury-on-Severn on the 13th (Pete Hazelwood)



An adult on Coopers Lake , Yate on the 18th. (Darren Pearce)


At least one Small Tortoiseshell on the wing from Shirehill Lane, Marshfield on the 13th. (TBOSG)




Monday 5th to Sunday 11th March 2018.



A pair were watched floating upriver on the R. Severn at Severn Beach on the morning of the 7th. (Paul Bowerman)



ST. ANNE'S CHURCH, OLDLAND COMMON: Three on the 6th and two on the 11th. (Donna Harvey) MARSHFIELD: One again at feeders in the Withymead area at Marshfield from the 5th - 8th and 10th with two present on the 6th. (Denise Whittle) AUST: One seen in flight south-west from Aust Cliffs then over Aust Warth on the 10th. (Matt Hobbs)



A summer adult was seen in the gull flock from Rushmead Lane, Marshfield late morning on the 9th. (John Barnett) A 2nd winter was seen in flight low east over a property in Pilning on the 11th. (John Martin)



One was seen over Brimsham Park, Yate early afternoon on the 7th (Dan White) and one over Shire Bridge, Marshfield on the 10th flying towards West Littleton. (Pete Coslett)


© Pete Coslett



Two reported in the Awkley area flying high east around the convergence of the M4/ M48 on the 6th, three in flight over Abbey Wood roundabout, Filton at around 08:15 on the 6th (Nick Tippett), one was seen flying north along the sea wall at Severn Beach on the morning of the 7th (Paul Bowerman) and two were seen in the garden of The Glen at New Passage on the 11th before flying back into the village. (John Martin)


© John Martin



The first of the year was seen at Littleton Brick Pits on the 10th! Early but not quite the earliest! (Michael Davis, Paul House)



AUST WARTH: One on the 5th and 8th, at least four on the 6th and 9th, at least five on the 10th and three on the 11th. (et.al)



A Wholly unconfirmed report of a 'Turtle Dove spp' on the 9th from the garden of 83 Durban Road, Patchway. Apparently, after an online search, it was determined that the bird was a 'Turtle Dove'. Information was sought by the observer and visiting guests at the BTO before informing Rare Bird Alert. (RBA via the observer) A damaged aviary at Bristol Zoological Gardens allowed birds to escape one of which was 'apparently' Turtle Dove so there's a high percentage possibility that the Patchway bird was of captive origins.


The first Brimstone of the year was on the wing in the Hencliff Wood area at Hanham on the 11th. (Nigel Kempson)




Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th March 2018.



Birds continued to show at a couple of sites in the area with one still frequenting feeders in the Withymead area at Marshfield on the 3rd - 4th, (Denise Whittle) and one noted in the St. Anne's Church/ Willsbridge area on the 4th.



One was reported early afternoon on the 3rd from the foreshore at New Passage. (Rosemary Setter)



One was reported in flight over Chipping Sodbury on the 3rd.



These spectacular Owls were still showing well from Passage Road, Aust with seven (7) birds, the highest count so far this year, on show early on the 4th. (Matt Hobbs)


 © Matt Hobbs



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