Rare, scarce and unusual bird sightings this month.



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All reports/ sightings of rare and scarce birds are subject to ratification by the appropriate rarities committee.


A single bird, the first of the year, was noted at Oldbury Power Station on the 28th. (Jan Hanley-Platt)



One, the first of the year, was noted at New Passage on at least the 9th - 16th. (Severnside Birds)


Bar-tailed Godwit | Paul Bowerman



OLDBURY POWER STATION: A female/ 1st winter was still present around the Jetty area on the 2nd, 7th, 10th and 25th. (Matt Plenty, Matt Scott) A male was reported on the 9th. (Andrew Middleton) Two, a 1st-winter male on the jetty and a female on the 11th, 13th and 20th. (Alan Gilbert, Pete Hazelwood)


Black Redstart | Alan Gilbert



One, the first of the year, was seen with c.200 Chaffinch from Dunsdown Lane, Marshfield on the 7th (John Barnett); A female was mixing with c.300 Chaffinch and Linnet between Mayshill and Iron Acton on the 13th. (Mike Jackson)



A 1st winter was seen from Shepperdine between 15:30 and 16:00 before being lost to view towards Tidenham on the 21st. (Neil Smart)



A winter male was seen from both Severn Beach and New Passage on the 1st. (Ed Drewitt, Paul Bowerman) The first in the recording area for two years!


Goldeneye | Paul Bowerman



STANSHAWS (COOPERS) LAKE, YATE; Seven, two males and five females still present on the 2nd; Nine, two males, an immature male and six females on the 20th. (Mark Coller)

BRIMSHAM PARK LAKE, YATE: Eight, two male, an immature male and five female present on the 5th. (Mark Coller)

KINGSGATE PARK, YATE: Four, two males and two female present on the 15th; Three females present on the 24th; Five, one male and four females on the 26th. (Mark Coller)


Goosander | Mark Coller



A juvenile, probably male, was both seen and photographed over Lower Woods LNR, Wickwar on the 17th (Paul Sadley) with the same or another reported from the same area on the 24th.


Goshawk | Paul Sadley



One was flushed from Lagoon III at Oldbury Power Station on the 2nd with the same or another noted on the 15th. (Andrew Middleton)



Nine, the first of the year,  were seen from Severn Beach late morning on the 18th. (Paul Bowerman)



An impressive flock of c.900 birds were counted between Frampton Cotterell and Iron Acton on the 18th. (Ollie Fournier)



A spring male was flushed from Northwick Warth on the 25th before departing high east! (Phil Quinn) However it relocated to Pilning Wetland Reserve on the 26th where it was seen on the 1st Sentry Box Pool and subsequently on Northwick Warth. (Paul Bowerman, Lisa Presland) It represents the earliest date for this species in S. Glos and the first ever February record! The previous earliest date was March 12th 2015 at Severn Beach.


Little Ringed Plover | Paul Bowerman



A fresh corpse was found between Chittening Warth and Severn Beach on the 7th.



Four, two males and two females were present at Lower Woods, Wickwar (ST: 745 875 - Littley Wood) on the 13th. (Mike Prior)


Mandarin | Mike Prior



A winter adult was noted in the evening roost at Oldbury Power Station on the 1st; A 1st winter was seen over high tide at Oldbury Power Station on the 23rd. (Pete Hazelwood)



One reported from Riding Barn Hill, Wick on the 7th (Nigel Jones); One from Rushmead Farm, Marshfield on the 9th (John Barnett); One from Overscourt Woodland, Siston on the 22nd; One over Mangotsfield towards Rodway Common on the 23rd (Nick Tippett); One over Kingswood Rugby Club ground on the 25th (Chris Mott); One moving north over Wickwar on the 28th. (Paul Sadley)


Red Kite | Paul Sadley



Two were both seen and heard around 17:15 over Butt Lane, Thornbury on the 10th. (Paul Lee)


Siberian Chiffchaff

A 'very grey' individual, possibly of the form 'tristis', was seen briefly in a private garden at Yate on the 5th. (Gordon Youdale) Another 'very pale' individual, possibly of the form 'tristis', was noted at Leap Valley, Downend on the 6th. (Barry Dursley) Another strong candidate of this form was seen briefly in a private Garden at Yate on the 11th. (Mark Coller)


Chiffchaff spp. | Barry Dursley

The yellow tones in the upper breast and under tail coverts in this 'very pale' individual

does not preclude Siberian Chiffchaff.



An adult of unknown origins (though probably from the Knepp Castle Estate re-introduction programme) was seen on the roof of buildings and in fields between Morrisons and TileFlair, Cribbs Causeway on the 26th. (Steve George, Darren Banfield) It relocated to Itchington and was seen on the 27th - 28th. (Heather England)


White Stork | Heather England



At least eight were present in Horton Bushes, Horton on the 21st. (Mark Coller, Darren Pearce)



An adult, the first of the year, was seen on West Littleton Down, West Littleton on the 19th. (John Barnett)