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The S. Glos year list currently stands at 30 the most recent additions are - Clouded Yellow, Essex Skipper






Tuesday February 7th

A fresh Peacock was noted on the wing at Lagoon III, Oldbury Power Station today. (Andy Middleton)


Monday February 13th

The first Red Admiral of the year was on the wing at Longwell Green today. (Bill Mackie)


Friday February 17th

Two sightings of Small Tortoiseshell today, one in Yate and one in the Shire Valley, Marshfield. (Gordon Youdale, TBOSG)


Saturday February 18th

A Red Admiral was on the wing at Golden Valley, Wick.






Thursday March 9th

The first Brimstone with singles at Pilning Wetland and Latteridge with at least six in the Marshfield area, (Paul Bowerman, Chris Teague) and Comma at Frampton Cotterell. (Pete Hazelwood)


© Billy Mackie


Wednesday March 15th

The first Painted Lady of the year was on show at Marshfield today. (John Barnett)


Friday March 24th

The first Holly Blue of the year in a garden at Alveston. (Morris Benson)


Saturday March 25th

A good showing today with sightings of Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Comma and Peacock from several locations. (TBOSG)






Sunday April 2nd

The first Orange-tip of the year was logged at Oldbury Power Station today. (Pete Hazelwood)


Wednesday April 5th

The first Speckled Wood of the year with four seen at Oldbury Power Station. (Pete Hazelwood)


Thursday April 6th

The first Small White were on the wing at several locations today.


© Vic Savery


Monday April 10th

The first Green-veined White of the year was on the wing at Orchard Pools, Severn Beach early afternoon. (TBOSG)


Wednesday April 19th

The first Large White of the year was on the wing at Severn Beach early afternoon. (TBOSG)






Thursday May 4th

The first sighting this year of Brown Argus at Monument Farm, Hawkesbury Upton. (Vic Polley)


Saturday May 13th

The first reports of Common Blue and Small Copper both at Orchard Pools, Severn Beach today. (Vic Savery)


© Vic Savery


Sunday May 14th

On the wing at Oldbury Power Station today was Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, two Orange-tip, seven Brimstone, Small Heath, two Small Copper, Holly Blue, Large, Small and Green-veined White. (Matt Plenty)


Friday May 26th

Small Heath at New Passage, Small Copper at Severn View Services with Painted Lady at Severn View Services and New Passage. (Lisa Presland, Vic Savery, Brian Lancastle)


© Brian Lancastle






Tuesday June 6th

The first sighting this year of Large Skipper noted at New Passage today. (Lisa Presland)


Monday June 12th

Good numbers of Meadow Brown on the wing at Pilning Wetland today along with Large White, Small Heath and Small Tortoiseshell. (Paul Bowerman, TBOSG)


Saturday June 17th

At Lower Woods, Wickwar; two Large Skipper, very many Meadow Brown, a few Speckled Wood, Painted Lady, two Comma, four Ringlet and six Silver-washed Fritillary. (Morag Hughes)


© Morag Hughes


Sunday June 18th

At Lower Woods, Wickwar; Four Silver-washed Fritillary and the first White Admiral of the year! (Jeanette Sakel) The first Marbled White on show this year at Oldbury Power Station. (Pete Hazelwood)




Monday June 19th

Small Skipper on the wing at Oldbury Power Station. (Pete Hazelwood)


Tuesday June 20th

At Lower Woods, Wickwar; at least twenty Silver-washed Fritillary, two White Admiral, Comma, Ringlet, Large Skipper, Large White and stacks of Meadow Brown. (TBOSG)




Wednesday June 21st

At Lower Woods, Wickwar; at least two White-letter Hairstreak and White Admiral. (Vic Polley)


Thursday June 22nd

A CAMBERWELL BEAUTY was both seen and photographed at the Gloucester Wildlife Trust - Lower Woods Reserve, Wickwar around mid-day today. Seen by at least two observers it spent an all too brief time on Horton Great Trench around ST: 744 875. (Bill Heselgrave) Despite an extensive search it could not be relocated.


© Bill Heselgrave


Sunday June 25th

Several White-letter Hairstreak were noted at a couple of locations at Lower Woods Reserve, Wickwar today. (Vic Polley, Andrew Brown)


Monday June 26th

Again at Lower Woods, Wickwar; at least twenty Silver-washed Fritillary including one 'valesina', several White Admiral, Comma, Small and Large Skipper, Large and Green-veined White, White-letter and Purple Hairstreak, Red Admiral, Specked Wood and stacks of Meadow Brown and Ringlet. (Vic Polley, Andrew Brown, John Ryman, TBOSG)




Tuesday June 27th

Northwick Warth Landfill Site: Good numbers of Marbled White and Meadow Brown plus several Small Skipper. (Paul Bowerman)


© Paul Bowerman


Wednesday June 28th

Purple Hairstreak logged at Lower Woods, Wickwar today. (Neil Lodge)


Thursday June 29th

Purple Hairstreak at Lower Woods, Wickwar today. (Vic Polley)


Friday June 30th

A new for the year Gatekeeper on the wing at Northwick Landfill Site this morning along with Small Skipper and Marbled White. At Lower Woods this afternoon, Silver-washed Fritillary, White Admiral, White-letter and Purple Hairstreak, Red Admiral, Large Skipper plus good numbers of both Ringlet and Meadow Brown. (Dave Paulton, Paul Bowerman, Vic Polley, TBOSG)








Saturday July 1st

Purple Hairstreak on Sweetwater Lane, Elberton today also good numbers of Comma. (Vic Savery)


Sunday July 2nd

Quite a productive day for butterflies in the region; At Overscourt Woodland Meadows, Siston this afternoon, good numbers of both Essex Skipper, Large Skipper, Green-veined White, Small Tortoiseshell and Speckled Wood, several Comma plus 'lots' of Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Marbled White. (TBOSG)




From Lower Woods, Wickwar this afternoon; c.10 White Admiral, c.10 Silver-washed Fritillary (including at least one 'valesina'), c.10 Purple Hairstreak, Comma and Brimstone. (Chris Mott, Allan Chard, Morag Hughes, Vic Polley)


© Morag Hughes


Monday July 3rd

MAZARINE BLUE: Has been added to the S. Glos Butterfly List based on a record of one in the Horton area in 1920. Map references place it between Mapleridge Lane and Vinney Land. (Source: NBN Atlas: Occurrence record 479309454) This historical occurrence brings the list total of species and forms to 52.


Tuesday July 4th

Small and Essex Skipper noted from Orchid Lane, Marshfield this morning. (Pete Coslett) and White-letter and Purple Hairstreak from Sweetwater Lane, Elberton this evening. (Vic Savery) Silver-washed Fritillary at Tree Life Centre, Grimsbury Farm, Kingswood. (Chris Teague)


© Pete Coslett


Wednesday July 5th

Still several Small and Essex Skipper on Orchid Lane, Marshfield this morning. This afternoon at Lower Woods, Wickwar; White Admiral, Silver-washed Fritillary, White-letter and Purple Hairstreak. (Tony Scott, Dave Hanks, TBOSG)




Thursday July 6th

A Silver-washed fritillary was seen at Latteridge today. (Chris Teague)


Friday July 7th

Elberton: White-letter Hairstreak. (Matt Plenty) Bradley Brook LNR, Winterbourne: Essex Skipper. (Mike Jackson) Lower Woods, Wickwar: White-letter and Purple Hairstreak. (Dave Hanks)


© Dave Hanks


Saturday July 8th

A 'valesina' Silver-washed Fritillary from Lower Woods, Wickwar today also White Admiral. (Paul Masters, Mark Hobson)


Sunday July 9th

At least ten White-letter Hairstreak from Sweetwater Lane, Elberton this afternoon. (Matt Plenty, Morris Benson)


© Matt Plenty


Thursday July 13th

Three or four Painted Lady's around Tesco Pools, Western Distribution, Severn Beach today. (Vic Savery)


© Vic Savery


Friday July 14th

White-letter Hairstreak still on show at Sweetwater Lane, Elberton this evening. (Louise Bailey)


Monday July 24th

At Marshfield, Essex Skipper, Brown Argus and Common Blue were present along with Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Brimstone, Peacock, Red Admiral, Small, Green-veined and Large White. (TBOSG) Good numbers of Silver-washed Fritillary were seen at Lower Woods, Wickwar this afternoon. (Chris Teague)


© Chris Teague




Tuesday July 25th

White Admiral (around ST: 696 827) and Purple Hairstreak (around ST: 692 825) were both seen from the Frome Valley Walkway, Yate; two of around twenty species of butterfly seen in the Yate/ Chipping Sodbury area today. (Mark Coller)


© Mark Coller


Friday July 28th

At Oldbury Power Station in windy conditions this morning were: 21 Gatekeeper, two Small Heath, Small Copper, five Meadow Brown and three Red Admiral. (Matt Plenty)


© Matt Plenty






Sunday August 6th

At Oldbury Power Station a Painted Lady was on the wing early morning. (Andy Middleton)


Tuesday August 9th

The first Clouded Yellow of the year was seen along the shore near Lagoon II at Oldbury Power Station today. (Pete Hazelwood) At Marshfield in set-aside from Down Road this afternoon; Large, Small and Green-veined White, Painted Lady, Small Tortoiseshell, Specked Wood, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Common Blue. Also present was a Hummingbird Hawk Moth. (TBOSG)




Tuesday August 15th

At Marshfield in set-aside from Down Road this afternoon; Brimstone, Large, Small and Green-veined White, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Comma, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Small Copper, Brown Argus and Common Blue. (TBOSG)





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