Butterfly Year List 2020 In Chronological Order

RED ADMIRAL     5th February in Hanham - Nigel Warren


COMMA     6th March at West Littleton Down - John Barnett


SMALL TORTOISESHELL     6th March at Thornbury - Matt Plenty


BRIMSTONE     16th March at Yate and Emerson's Green - Mark Coller, TBOSG


PEACOCK     16th March at Damery - Adam Rawson


ORANGE-TIP     16th March at Oldland Common - Paul Francis


SMALL COPPER     21st March between Oldland and Willsbridge - Wendy & Tim Ford


LARGE WHITE     24th March at Severn Beach and Yate - Paul Bowerman, Mark Coller


GREEN-VEINED WHITE     25th March at Bradley Stoke - Vic Savery


SMALL WHITE     25th March at Oldland Common - Paul Francis


HOLLY BLUE     6th April at Filton


SPECKLED WOOD     9th April at Alveston - Rich Ford


SMALL HEATH     23rd April at Oldbury Power Station - Pete Hazelwood


DINGY SKIPPER     7th May near Marshfield - David Glew


BROWN ARGUS     14th May at Oldbury Power Station - Phil Baber


COMMON BLUE     16th May at Tortworth - Fen Marshall


MEADOW BROWN     24th May at Shortwood - Phil Barlow


LARGE SKIPPER     28th May at Wapley Bushes - Mark Coller, TBOSG


MARBLED WHITE     31st May at Oldbury Power Station - Rich Ford


SMALL SKIPPER     31st May at Marshfield - John Barnett


RINGLET     4th June in Warmley Forest Park - Phil Barlow


SILVER-WASHED FRITILLARY     7th June at Lower Woods - Phil Hemming


PAINTED LADY     13th June at Old Down - Rich Ford


ESSEX SKIPPER     21st June at Oldbury Power Station - Craig Lewis


DARK-GREEN FRITILLARY     22nd June at Wapley Bushes - Mark Coller


WHITE-LETTER HAIRSTREAK     22nd June at Aust - Howard Taffs


WHITE ADMIRAL     24th June at Lower Woods - Howard Taffs


PURPLE HAIRSTREAK     26th June in Kingsgate Park, Yate - Mark Coller


GATEKEEPER     5th July on Chipping Sodbury Common - Mark Coller


CLOUDED YELLOW     30th July at Pilning Wetland Reserve - David Poulton