Jynx torquilla

Mark Coller













2020 (2) c.30

One was both seen and photographed in a private garden at Elberton where it spent the afternoon on September 5th; One was seen at 15:15 by the metal gate near the shore on Lagoon III, Oldbury Power Station on September 20th.


2019 (2)
SEPTEMBER: One was both seen and photographed on Chipping Sodbury Common on the 15th. One extremely illusive individual was present from the 13th - 15th in fields and hedgerows south-west of Ringswell Dewpond, Marshfield where it could be heard calling on occasion.

2018 (1)
One was both seen and photographed at lunchtime on Chipping Sodbury Common on September 5th.

2016 (1)
One was watched for around five minutes on or around October 1st at Thornbury.

2015 (1)
One was seen briefly at 08:50 around the farm outbuildings of Severn Lodge Farm, New Passage/ Northwick Warth on September 16th.

2014 (1)
A presumed adult was found in a garden at New Passage around 10:00 on August 31st where it lingered all day.

2013 (1)
One was seen and photographed at Tytherington on Duck Street on April 16th - 17th.

2012 (1)
One was seen along Black Horse Hill at Cribbs Causeway on September 25th. It was on private land with no public access.

2011 (1)
One was seen north-east of Horton along Vinney's Lane at 12:15 on September 16th around ST: 740 848. It was noted on the track before flying into fields to the south.

2010 (1)
One was trapped, ringed and released on Northwick Warth, New Passage on August 30th and was seen subsequently on September 2nd & 3rd on the landward side of Northwick Warth.

2009 (1)
One was seen and photographed eating ants in a Thornbury garden at around 17:00 on April 26th.

2006 (1)
An adult was reported on April 23rd in the garden of 7 Valley Road at North Common in Warmley, it was present until at least 13:00 on April 25th in and around Valley Road and Samuel Wright Close.

2003 (3)
One was seen on August 31st at Northwick Warth near Grebe Pond. It was watched for twenty five minutes in the morning and was seen again in a hedgerow in the afternoon; One was noted on September 3rd at Grovesend; One was found on September 7th at Severn Beach.

2001 (1)
One was noted on September 20th at Tytherington.

1999 (1)
On September 7th one flew into a window at Awkley and fortunately survived the impact.

1995 (2)
Two; One was seen at Aust STW, Aust on September 4th; One flew into a window at Oldbury-on-Severn on September 8th but sadly died two days later.

1989 (1)
One was found on September 7th at Yate and was still present the following day.

1984 (1)
On August 28th one was noted on Northwick Warth.

1977 (1)
One was found in a garden at Yate on September 1st and taken into care at a bird farm but died on September 6th.

1976 (2)
One was reported from Orchard Pools, New Passage in June; One was seen around the railway track at Severn Beach on August 29th.

1973 (1)
One was reported feeding on a lawn at Wick on September 1st.

1971 (1)
One was reported from Cromhall on June 20th.

1963 (1)
One was picked up dead sometime in August at Wick.

1956 (1)
On September 10th one was watched at Leyhill, in the grounds of the prison and was still present on September 11th.


1829 (?)
No specific dates are available but in the Alveston area Wryneck was historically an annual visitor prior to this year.