Phylloscopus sibilatrix

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2021 (-) c.75

APRIL: One was seen high in trees in Kingsgate Park, Yate on the 11th; A singing male was present at Littleton Brick Pits, Littleton on the 20th with a second bird present at the same site on the 23rd. MAY: Two on the 9th; A male in the small wood in the west corner of Lagoon III, at Oldbury Power Station and a male in a small wood at the north end of Yate Common, Yate.


2020 (3)
APRIL: A male was present throughout the the day on Yate Common, Yate on the 19th; A presumed second singing male was noted on Yate Common, Yate on the 21st; A singing male was found at Hanham around ST: 646 710 adjacent to the A4174 on the 26th.

2019 (4)
MAY: Two singing males on the 1st, one on Yate Common around 09:00 and one from Sluice Copse, Northwick Warth; One noted singing at the entrance to Oldbury Power Station on the 7th.

2018 (4)
APRIL: A presumed male was heard in song in the Nature Reserve of Kingsgate Park, Yate on the 11th; Also an unconfirmed report of a singing individual at Kingsgate Park on the 12th; A male was both seen and heard in the grounds of The Glen, New Passage on the 14th; One was reported c.400 metres north-east of Northwick Warth Flash early afternoon on the 15th.

2017 (5)
APRIL: A spring male in full song, was present throughout the day on the 21st in Grange Plantation on Ashwicke Road, 1.5 kilometres south of Marshfield at ST: 785 717. MAY: Two males were present at Oldbury Power Station on the 4th; A male was heard at New Passage on the 5th; A male present at Oldbury Power Station on the 6th.

2016 (3)
A male was seen in trees on Yate Common, Yate on April 19th - 20th; A male was both seen and heard in trees and scrub at the south end of Lagoon II at Oldbury Power Station on April 30th; One, a presumed male, was heard in song at Horton on September 6th.

2015 (1)
One was reported in the Hanham area on April 26th.

2014 (1)
A male was seen in trees near the entrance to Oldbury Power Station on April 21st from mid morning. It was present until at least 14:40 along the path to the shore.

2013 (2)
One was seen at Aust STW from the lane near the treatment pools at lunch time on April 29th; A presumed male was found at Mangotsfield on Rodway Hill, (near the picnic benches and cycle path signs.) 200 metres before the school entrance at midday on May 6th.

2012 (4)
At Frampton Cotterell there were two between the fruit farm and the R. Frome on May 1st; Two males on May 2nd, one at the New Passage STW, one in trees at Aust Cliff/ Old Passage.

2010 (1)
A male was noted singing from Savage's Wood near Bradley Stoke on May 8th at around 07:00.

2009 (2)
A singing male was reported early morning from New Passage on April 14th; At Almondsbury one was noted along Marshwall Lane in a mixed flock of small passerines on August 2nd.

2008 (2)
One was reported in song from Aust Warth on May 4th; One was noted with a 'tit flock' on July 7th at Emerson's Green.

2007 (2)
On the 21st April one was seen well at Oldbury Power Station, it was singing for around 20 minutes until around 09:25 in the trees by the entrance, then along the bridleway towards the shore; On the 25th April one was reported at Oldbury Power Station singing in trees in the north-east corner of Lagoon I (by ruins of old building) at 07:15.

2006 (2)
A presumed male was seen and heard in song near Iron Acton on the 22nd April; An adult was noted at Severn Beach on the 3rd May.

2005 (3)
One was heard at Lower Woods, Hawkesbury on the 18th April; One was noted at Vineyard's Brake, Thornbury on the 26th April; A singing male was seen and photographed at New Passage on the 2nd May.

2004 (1)
A singing male was located approximately one kilometre south of Severn Beach on the 2nd May.

2003 (2)
One was seen in the coastal scrub at Severn Beach on the 23rd April.

1997 (2)
One was noted at Lower Woods, Wickwar in the Wetmoor area around ST: 743 876 on May 27th; One was reported on the 2nd August at Oldbury Power Station.

1996 (1)
One was reported on the 21st April at Oldbury Power Station.

1993 (1)
One was reported on the 17th July at Oldbury Power Station.

1988 (1)
A male was both seen and heard at Clack Mill Farm, Willsbridge on September 2nd.

1982 (1)
A single male was reported from Savage's Wood in Patchway between April 22nd and June 2nd.

1981 (1)
Singing male were reported from Hill between the 18th April and the 14th June.

1977 (1)
A single singing male was reported from Hanham Woods sometime between the 30th April and the 7th July.

1975 (3)
Singing males were reported from Inglestone Common, New Passage and Hallen between the 19th April and the 13th July.

1974 (1)
A singing male was reported from Oakford south of Marshfield between April 26th and May 27th.

1969 (2)
Breeding season reports come from Winterbourne and Stoke Park.

1966 (2)
Single birds were noted at Littleton-on-Severn and Oakford between April and June.

1965 (1)
One was seen at Oakford south of Marshfield on May 2nd.

1964 (2)
Singing males were noted at Hallen and near Marshfield, no specific dates or locations were given.

1962 (1)
One was noted at Littleton-upon-Severn brickworks on the 23rd April.

1957 (c.10)
Several singing males were resident in area of c.288.25 sq. kilometres (111.25 sq. miles) enclosed by the following boundaries: From the S. Gloucestershire recording area boundary north to Tormarton, and roads through Old Sodbury, Yate, Iron Acton, Rudgeway, Patchway and Filton and two from Aldermoor Wood.

1944 (2) 0
Two males were heard on the 7th May in full song in a small roadside copse at Petty France near Badminton.