Cygnus cygnus

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2023 (15) 57

At least seven on Northwick Warth from New Passage first thing on January 22nd, twelve past Aust View Point, Severn View Services a little later and then seven up-river past Oldbury Power Station at 14:40; One illusive individual 'heard only' at Oldbury Power Station on January 23rd; Two were watched in flight down river past Oldbury Power Station around 08:05 on November 11th.


2022 (1)

One was both seen and heard as it flew north-east past Oldbury Power Station at 08:20 on December 15th.


2020 (4)

Four were 'picked up' in flight south-west over the estuary past Oldbury Power Station around 08:15 on December 8th and were subsequently seen in the Northwick Warth/ Pilning WR area.


2018 (15)

JANUARY: Two adults were found on Northwick Warth on the 7th spending most of their time on Pining Wetland. They were last seen in flight north-east past Aust Warth at 16:40. OCTOBER: Four juveniles were seen distantly on the estuary from New Passage on the 16th and 18th; A flock of seven birds were reported from Tortworth Court Lake on the 22nd; Two noted in flight east over Pilning Wetland, Northwick Warth mid-morning on the 29th.


2017 (3)

Three were watched floating upriver past Shepperdine around 09:00 on December 9th before flying north-east.


2013 (4)

Four, putatively this species were seen flying high upriver past Oldbury Power Station on January 13th. They appeared long necked and were most probably this species; An adult was noted at 09:50 in flight north-east past Severn Beach and a few minutes later past Northwick Warth on November 3rd.


2012 (1)

One was reported calling in flight at 09:30 off Severn Beach on February 9th where it initially flew up river before turning back south.


2010 (2)

Two, and adult and a probable juvenile were seen in flight down river past Oldbury Power Station at 09:55 on October 16th. They were subsequently seen past Northwick Warth low south-west at 10:00.


2009 (2)

Two were noted over Aust Warth on the afternoon of the 10th November.


2008 (1)

An adult was seen in flight low south-west over Severn Beach on March 29th.


2005 (2)

On January 13th two adults were found at Northwick Warth and were present in the area from January 13th - 16th when they departed north-east.


2000 (1)

On December 23rd an individual was observed at Oldbury Power Station in flight and heading north-east.


1983 (8)

One was noted on the 'silt lagoon' at Oldbury Power Station on October 29th; Five were seen on November 13th in flight over Northwick Warth, they were all adults and were last seen departing east; Two were identified on December 4th on Tortworth Court Lake.