Bombycilla garrulus
















One was seen briefly on Wylington Road, Frampton Cotterell at 09:00 on November 2nd before heading south!


C.620 bird days were recorded this year from nine sites. Bradley Stoke (588), Emerson's Green (12), Mangotsfield (6), Longwell Green (5), Thornbury (4) Little Stoke and Aust (2), Yate and Marshfield (1). Three months produced birds; January (106), February (348) and March (167). EARLIEST: Six were seen briefly from The Worthys, Bradley Stoke on January 4th. LATEST: Twelve were seen fly-catching around the Pinker's Mead/ Julius Close area at Emerson's Green on March 11th. HIGHEST COUNT: Sixteen were showing at Tesco, Bradley Stoke on February 27th - 28th.

C.230 bird days were recorded this year from ten sites; Thornbury (73), Yate (53), Alveston (25), Bradley Stoke (20), Coalpit Heath and Winterbourne (14), Filton and Little Stoke (12), Pilning (5) and Hambrook (1). Four months produced birds; January (155), February (29), March (25) and April (20). EARLIEST: Fourteen were seen briefly on Bradley Avenue, Winterbourne on January 7th. LATEST: At least twenty were seen at Wyevale Garden Centre, Thornbury on April 14th. HIGHEST COUNT: Twenty-five were seen near The Ship Inn at Alveston on March 27th.

A total of c.245 bird days were logged this year from eleven sites; Bradley Stoke (131), Stoke Gifford (30), Kingswood and Thornbury (20), Charfield (19), Yate (10), Latteridge (6), Little Stoke and Oldbury Power Station (2), Filton and Elberton (1). The best month was December with 241. EARLIEST: One was seen at Filton on the A4174 near Filton roundabout on November 23rd. LATEST: Twenty were seen in the Co-op car park, Kingswood on December 14th. HIGHEST COUNT: At least 50 were counted in the Tesco Express area, Bradley Stoke on December 10th.

A total of c.345 bird days were counted this year from nine sites: Bradley Stoke (202), Warmley (42), Filton (29), Kingswood and Staple Hill (21), Siston (15), Little Stoke (10), Thornbury (4) and New Passage (1). Three months produced birds; January (51), February (122) and March (172). EARLIEST: Four were seen on Moreton Way, Thornbury on January 1st. LATEST: Ten were present on Braydon Avenue, Little Stoke on March 26th. HIGHEST COUNT: Twenty-nine were present on Kenmore Drive, Filton on February 24th.

A total of c.375 bird days were logged this year from sixteen sites: Bradley Stoke (134), Yate (62), Warmley (47), Little Stoke (25), Downend (21), Thornbury (19), Patchway (16), Filton (8), Kingswood and Mangotsfield (7), Emerson's Green and Hanham (6), Chipping Sodbury (3), Oldbury Power Station and Severn Beach (1). Just two months produced birds; November (10) and December (364). EARLIEST: Two were seen in the car park on Cecil Road, Kingswood on November 26th. LATEST: Six were seen on Gipsy Patch Lane/ Orpheus Avenue, Patchway on December 29th. HIGHEST COUNT: Forty were counted at the Community Centre, Bradley Stoke on December 28th.

Two were seen in gardens on St. Adlam's Drive, Pucklechurch mid morning on December 9th.

A total of c.2525 bird days were logged this year from ten sites; Downend (756), Mangotsfield (559), Cadbury Heath (348), Longwell Green (323), Thornbury (232), Patchway (180), Warmley (97), Bromley Heath (22), Hanham (7) and Severn Beach (1). The most productive months were January (693) and February (1771). EARLIEST: One was seen at Severn Beach on November 20th. LATEST: Thirty were seen at Lacock Drive, Longwell Green on April 14th. HIGHEST COUNT: Two hundred and fifty at Downend Cricket Club, Downend on February 11th.

2004    Thirty-six were present on December 30th - 31st on Morton Way at Thornbury.

1999    A 1st winter was present from February 7th - 9th on Morton Way at Thornbury.

1996    One noted feeding on Crab Apples in a garden in Coalpit Heath around ST: 676 806 and one reported from Mangotsfield on February 17th.

1978    One was reported from Filton on February 10th - 11th feeding on Cotoneaster.

1971    A single bird was reported from Hallen on December 5th.

1966    One was found on February 13th at Downend Wood.

1958    One was found on January 14th at Aust.

1947    One was seen on February 23rd at Filton.