Carduelis flavirostris

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Two on the saltmarsh below The Old Ferry View, Aust around 14:30 on November 4th with both in the same area on the 7th and 9th; Two in the Chestle Pill (stone wall) area, New Passage on November 21st with at least one still on the 22nd, 25th and 28th.


One heard as it flew over the 1st Sentry Box, Northwick Warth on October 21st.


JANUARY: Two birds on the 13th at Aust in tress at the Old Passage section before flying over the marsh towards the estuary. Present in the same area from the 18th - 21st and 25th and 29th. FEBRUARY: Two birds lingering on the 1st - 2nd at the Old Passage end of Aust Warth; One at Aust on the 7th before flying towards the gardens at 14:15 at Old Passage; One present there on the 8th, 10th and 26th. MARCH: One on show around ST: 563 887 at the Old Passage end of Aust Warth and in trees near the feeders from the 1st - 23rd. NOVEMBER: Four probable's both seen and heard on the 9th in the New Passage/ Northwick Warth area heading for Pilning Wetland; One possibly this species in trees of Wharf Lodge at Aust on the 23rd.


JANUARY: Three in the Cake Pill area on Aust Warth on the 20th and still present until at least 10:30 on the 21st; Two on the 22nd - 23rd, three on the 24th . FEBRUARY: Two on the 18th late afternoon at the Old Passage end of Aust Warth feeding on the seaward side of a small reed bed; Three on the 19th with at least two daily from the 20th until at least April 7th. DECEMBER: Two frequenting trees and bushes at Aust at the Old Passage end on the 7th, 11th, 14th & 17th; Three together at Aust at the Old Passage end on the 12th.


Four at Oldbury Power Station between January 14th - 25th around Lagoon III and in stubble south of the Lagoon with at least three lingering up to February 13th; One possibly this species at Oldbury Power Station on October 20th flying across Lagoon III calling and then gaining height as flew along shore to the north-east, calling all the time 'zoo-it'.


One possibly this species 200 metres west of Plough Farm at Marshfield on January 21st around ST: 797 760; At Oldbury Power Station two or three with a large finch flock in vegetation around Lagoon III on December 20th. They were flushed by workers and not seen again after midday.


At least one at Severn Beach on November 11th.


One at Oldbury Power Station on November 23rd.


At New Passage ten on January 4th; At Severn Beach, five on March 1st with two still on March 2nd; Two at Aust Warth on March 23rd with a further two there on November 15th.


From Aust Warth eleven on January 5th with four on October 27th, plus ten on November 3rd and 9th; On Northwick Warth one flew north east on February 16th; At Severn Beach three on December 22nd; At New Passage ten on December 29th.


Ten between February 19th and March 3rd from Lagoon I, Oldbury Power Station; At Aust Warth in December eleven on the 22nd - 23rd with eight on the 24th and six on the 26th.


Up to eleven from Severn Beach between January 18th and March 13th in the first winter period and between December 11th - 21st in the second winter period.


An individual from Severn Beach on February 11th with another at Severn Beach on December 23rd.


Flocks of up to eighteen birds were reported from Hallen in the first winter period between January 1st and March 19th and in the autumn between October 30th and November 29th.


Reports of up to thirty-five birds were noted from Severn Beach between January and April 8th and from November 11th until December 31st.


C.40 on 'Severnside' between January 6th and March 27th; One on November 4th at Severn Beach; Up to forty from October 4th to December 31st on 'Severnside'.