Passer montanus

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Once numerous. Post 2000 - c.150



One was seen visiting feeders at Severn Beach on October 18th.


Four, and probably a relocating family group, were seen on Chipping Sodbury Common in the 'Long Hedge' early morning only on August 27th.

BTO records for 28th March 2016 reports a flock of 30 at Hill House Farm, Charfield; One was reported from Wesley Avenue, Hanham on December 21st.

Two were seen in fields and hedgerows from the Severn Way north of The Windbound at Shepperdine around ST: 624 972 on January 2nd with two seen again at the same site on March 8th; One was reported from Patchway on March 21st; One, probably this species, was seen in the lane near the Chapel at Shepperdine on September 2nd.

One was seen in fields and hedgerows from the Severn Way north of The Windbound at Shepperdine around ST: 624 972 on December 13th & 20th. Three were present there around ST: 626 971 on the 21st with two on the 22nd & 27th.

One was seen at 20:00 at New Passage in The Glen/ The Pill sluice area on July 9th.

Two were seen on November 30th feeding with Chaffinches near Shirehill Barn, opposite the large barn on the Tormarton Road between Rushmead Farm and Shirehill Lane.

One was seen on the fence just north-east of Lagoon I at Oldbury Power Station on September 3rd; Two were on show near the 2nd sentry box on Northwick Warth at around 09:30 on October 22nd.

A party of ten were reported in the Dyrham area in the first week of January.

Two were noted at Oldbury Power Station around Lagoon II on April 8th; Five were seen heading north-east at New Passage on September 12th.

One was seen briefly at Northwick Warth target mound before heading south towards New Passage on October 12th; One was noted on 'Severnside' on November 14th.

On April 6th one was seen at Northwick Warth. It was the first on Severnside for four years and the first in S. Gloucestershire since October 2005; One was seen at New Passage near the Severn Way footpath entrance at around 10:30 on April 12th; One was reported at Savage's Wood, Bradley Stoke on April 22nd; Two were seen at Northwick Warth on September 13th.

On October 24th twenty were reported from the Marshfield area near Harcombe Farm.

On January 9th a flock of thirteen were noted on the footpath north of Lagoon III at Oldbury Power Station.

There were twelve at Oldbury Power Station on March 23rd; One was seen at New Passage on February 23rd; Single birds were reported from Severn Beach, Littleton-on-Severn and Northwick Warth in the autumn.

In January and February a flock of forty were seen at Littleton Warth; Breeding season reports come from Littleton and Elberton but no proof of successful breeding.

One was seen near Latteridge on January 19th; Three were seen in flight at Northwick Warth on October 21st, one north-east and two south-west.

There has been an enormous national decline of around 94% in the population of Tree Sparrows between 1973 and 1998 which has had a clear impact locally, records this year come from just four sites. Nesting was proven and one was seen at Oldbury Power Station on May 20th with other sightings at Folly Farm near Latteridge, Marshfield and New Passage.

No breeding was recorded this year however sightings came from Jobs Green Farm near Oldbury, Littleton-on-Severn, Latteridge, Marshfield, New Passage, Oldbury Power Station, Shepperdine and Winterbourne; Twenty-three were seen at Latteridge on March 13th; Thirty-two were noted at Littleton on August 22nd.

Birds were reported from Ingst, Jobs Green Farm near Oldbury, Littleton-on-Severn, Marshfield, Oldbury on Severn and Shepperdine; Breeding season reports come from Littleton with a pair on May 17th and Shepperdine, a pair with a juvenile on July 19th; Twenty were seen at a Chicken Farm near Oldbury Power Station on July 16th; A flock of twenty-five were seen at Littleton on the 20th September.

In January and March flocks of up to ten were seen at Oldbury Power Station, two nests were found and ten were seen on May 25th; Unconfirmed numbers were noted at Littleton and a pair bred at Pilning; On July 24th thirty were seen at Oldbury Power Station with seventeen here in October; Fourteen were seen at Marshfield in September; Others were noted at Downthorns Farm, Latteridge, Shepperdine and Tormarton.

There were thirty-one noted at Littleton in September; Twenty were seen between April and September at Oldbury Power Station; Breeding season records came from Oldbury, West Littleton and Doynton where breeding was confirmed.

A flock of thirty were near Marshfield on January 11th; Groups of up to twenty-five were seen at Oldbury Power Station and Marshfield in the first quarter of the year; Breeding season records come from Oldbury Power Station, Pucklechurch, Marshfield, Dyrham and Doynton; Nine were seen at Shepperdine on November 11th.

On March 19th a flock of forty were noted at Horton; A group of four were seen at Marshfield in February and March; One was found at Aust SW on April 30th; In November and December small flocks were seen at Oldbury Power Station, Littleton, Shepperdine and Marshfield.

A flock of twenty were attracted to a garden in Winterbourne during January and raise three broods in a nest box by August 12th; Fledglings were reported from Iron Acton, Hallen and Marshfield; Twenty-eight were seen at West Littleton in the second winter period.

A pair were seen at a nest box in Frenchay in late March; Breeding season reports included up to four from Little Sodbury, Doynton, Hinton, Ayford Farm near St. Catherine and Yate; Flocks of more than twenty were seen at Charfield in November and Tortworth in December with smaller numbers from Oldbury on Severn.

Breeding was recorded at Tytherington, Tormarton, Marshfield, Doynton and Hinton; A flock of twenty were noted at Hinton in August.

Twenty were reported from Tormarton in February; Twenty were seen at Hallen in April; Breeding season pairs were noted at Horton and West Littleton but there was no firm evidence of breeding, though breeding was confirmed at Hallen; There were ten seen at Oldbury on Severn on the 30th October.

Up to three were noted near Marshfield between January and July.

One breeding season report from Marshfield.

A flock of thirty were noted at Aust on the 1st February. Breeding season reports from, Littleton-on-Severn, Latteridge, Pucklechurch and West Littleton.

A flock of fifty were recorded at Northwick Warth on January 28th; There were forty-five at Cromhall on February 5th; One was noted at Rushmead Lane near Marshfield on May 4th.

A flock of 80 (eighty) was present on the 28th January at Oldbury Power Station.

From 1972 through to 1981 Tree Sparrow was reported as common or regularly occurring during this period.

A flock of up to three hundred were reported from Aust on the 11th February.

A hundred and fifty were reported from Severn Beach on January 22nd.

Just one breeding season report from, Acton Turville.

A pair were noted at Marshfield between May and June.

Breeding season reports from Northwick, Dodington and Pucklechurch.

A flock of thirty-five were seen at Hanham on April 14th; A pair fledged young near Filton Golf Course on July 12th; Around two hundred were noted in fields at Aust Cliffs on August 18th.

Breeding reported from Wick, Moorend and Winterbourne.

Small roost of around 20 birds in reeds at Almondsbury on October 25th; A flock of around ten at Wick on December 26th - 31st.

Breeding records from Little Stoke and Hambrook.

Breeding season records from Little Sodbury with four adults on the April 25th; Mangotsfield with five adults on May 13th; And a nest with six young in an apple tree at Tockington on June 4th.

Odd pairs found breeding at Downend and Little Stoke. Birds reported outside nesting season from Aust, Frenchay and Iron Acton.

Reported in the breeding season from Hallen Marsh and Oldbury on Severn.

Up to thirty at Downend in mid February to early March; A pair with nest and young at Lyde Green near Mangotsfield, May 30th.

Three or four pairs breeding in orchard trees at Little Stoke Farm at Stoke Gifford from May to July.

Reported in small numbers from Severn Beach on February 1st; And on various occasions in winter from Stoke Gifford.

About a dozen at Olveston on April 12th; Six at Aust on April 13th; Two adults feeding fledged young near Oldbury on Severn on August 24th.

Numerous at Dyrham on January 21st; A dozen or more with House Sparrows at Acton Turville on March I3th; Two near Stoke Gifford on April 6th.

Up to twenty or more were noted at Dyrham on various dates from early January to mid April, and again from mid November onwards. A few were present at Stoke Gifford in January and again in October and November.

Two or three were noted at Severn Beach on January 30th, while between Dyrham and Doynton up to thirty were seen on various dates from early February to the end of April. Noted also in the Dyrham area from late July onwards, about seventy on September 10th being the highest total. Frequently met with in small numbers at Little Stoke, where a pair, seen almost daily in May, was accompanied by several fledged young on June 9th, had undoubtedly nested nearby. Also heard in a cornfield at Littleton on Severn on August 6th.

A few were present at Stoke Gifford in January and again from October to December. A single bird was seen at Morton near Thornbury on October 10th, and up to thirty or more between Dyrham and Doynton from early October to the year end.

A few were observed at Dyrham on various dates from January to late March. Thirty or more were noted in the same locality in the last week of August and smaller numbers were frequently met with from September to mid-December.

Up to twenty or thirty noted at Dyrham on various dates in November and December. Appears scarce here and not known to breed, but probably an overlooked winter visitor.