Psittacula krameri

Ring-necked Parakeet | Brian Thompson















One or two birds have been confirmed as visiting the same garden in Frampton Cotterell almost daily since January 2021! Subsequently occurrences of this species will be restricted to earliest/ latest dates and highest counts.


EARLIEST: Three in the Hermitage/ Long Wood area at Stoke Park, Frenchay on January 6th. LATEST: . HIGHEST COUNT: Four were seen in flight over Barn Wood, Stoke Park, Frenchay on August 8th.


EARLIEST: At least one continuing in the Globe Inn, Church Road/ Mill Lane area, Frampton Cotterell from January 1st. LATEST/ HIGHEST COUNT: Five were seen to land in an area of Stoke Park on the S. Glos side of the boundary on October 29th.


EARLIEST: Two around 17:15 over Butt Lane, Thornbury on February 10th. LATEST: One near Travis Perkins, Stoke Gifford on November 17th. HIGHEST COUNT: Up to five in the Beaufort Road/ Church Road/ Mill Lane area at Frampton Cotterell between July 3rd and December 22nd.


One from Three Brooks LNR, Bradley Stoke on March 25th; One from Three Brooks LNR, Bradley Stoke on May 13th and 31st; One over Oldland Common on August 16th; One from Three Brooks LNR, Bradley Stoke on September 5th; One near Kingsgate Park, Yate on December 24th.


One at New Passage on March 20th and Redwick on March 21st; One around Highwood Lane, Cribbs Causeway on July 10th; One over Bradley Stoke on August 2nd; One in the grounds of UWE, Frenchay on August 27th; One at Abbey Wood Station, Filton on December 17th.


A hundred and thirty-four bird days. Up to six in the St. Anne's Church/ Siston Brook/ Willsbridge Valley area from January 9th - 31st and again from February 1st - 21st; Two over Warmley on February 5th; Two in the Awkley area near the M4/ M48 on March 6th; Three over Abbey Wood roundabout, Filton on March 6th; One along the sea wall at Severn Beach on March 7th; Two in The Glen, New Passage on March 11th; At least two in the Willsbridge Valley area on March 20th and 23rd; Two at St. Anne's Church, Oldland Common on March 28th; Two by The Anchor PH car park, Oldbury on March 29th; One on Streamside Walk, Thornbury on March 29th and 31st; At least one at the Willsbridge Mill, Willsbridge on April 1st and 3rd; One from Kingsgate Park, Yate on April 11th - 15th; One over Old Sodbury on April 13th; One from Streamside Walk, Thornbury on June 3rd; Two or three heard around the M5/ J14 Falfield on September 26th; One on Streamside Walk, Thornbury on September 29th; One between Severn View Services and Aust/ Littleton ST Works on October 7th.


Two from Downend on August 29th; Two over Cherington, Yate on September 18th; One in the Aust Cliffs/ Aust area on October 18th - 19th; Two from Owls Head Road/ Cock Road, Kingswood on November 15th; Three adults near Mangotsfield Cemetery, Downend on November 16th; One between Kingston Drive, Mangotsfield and Stockwell Close, Downend on November 4th; Three on Station Road, Kingswood on December 1st; Three over at Kingswood, Bristol on December 8th; Three on Westbourne Road, Mangotsfield on December 23rd.


One at New Passage on October 29th.


One over the Territorial Army garden, New Passage on August 9th; A female on Abbott Road, Severn Beach from August 11th - 16th; One in the New Passage/ Northwick Warth area on October 18th.


One in the Shaft Beach area, Severn Beach on April 16th; One over The Boar's Head, Aust on September 21st.


One over Pilning WR, New Passage on August 1st; One south over Frampton Cotterell on August 21st.


One over a private garden in Frenchay on June 6th.


One over Frenchay Park Road, Frenchay on February 19th.


One at Leap Valley, Downend on May 22nd; One over Bellevue Road, Kingswood on May 23rd; One near The Harvester Pub, Cribbs Causeway on September 22nd; One over Lagoon III, Oldbury Power Station on November 14th; One over Thornbury on November 24th.


One at New Passage on April 16th; One over Oldbury Power Station on April 16th.


One in the Longwell Green area mid February.


One in a private garden next to the A38 in the Almondsbury area between April and October.


One on Filton Golf Course on August 12th.


A female at Fishpool Hill, Brentry on September 28th - 30th; A probable female near Westerleigh on October 10th.