Pandion haliaetus - c.65




























2020 (4)

APRIL: One was both seen and photographed high north over a private garden in Yate around 11:35 on the 4th; One was seen heading north-east over Severn Beach late morning on the 10th. JUNE: One was reported over Bitton and Oldland Common on the 22nd. SEPTEMBER: One was seen at Littleton Brick Pits in flight low to the east towards Thornbury at 12:25 on the 12th.



MARCH: One reported in flight over Pilning Wetland Reserve on the 31st. APRIL: Two birds on the 1st: One in flight north-east over Little Stoke at 09:15 and one flew north over Northwick Warth at 09.40; One seen north-east over Chipping Sodbury Common at 11:00 on the 10th; One reported from Severn Beach on the 17th; One reported from the New Passage/ Northwick Warth/ Pilning WR area on the 23rd. MAY: One noted heading south over Harescombe, Yate at 11:40 on the 11th. AUGUST: One flew high south-east over Pilning WR at 10:10 on the 28th. SEPTEMBER: One was seen from Pillhead Gout, Oldbury-on-Severn heading south-south-west following the shore at 10:20 on the 2nd; One reported over Chipping Sodbury Common on the 15th.



APRIL: One was seen heading west over Emerson's Green Retail Park at 15:55 on the 3rd; One spent an all too brief ten minutes at New Passage on the 22nd; Two birds tracking north-east up-river distantly from Oldbury Power Station on the 25th. MAY: One flew low over the A4174 Link Road at Filton Roundabout early evening on the 9th and was subsequently noted over Coalpit Heath. AUGUST: One was seen in flight low to the south from Severn Beach at 15:45 on the 21st; One in flight over Rushmead Lane, Marshfield in the afternoon on the 27th. SEPTEMBER: One low south over New Passage at 16: 30 on the 10th.



MARCH: One was seen in flight heading east low over Lydiard Croft, Hanham at 08:40 on the 27th. APRIL: One flew low over Pilning Wetland and Northwick Warth and continued on north-east up the estuary at 11:25 on the 10th; One flew over Lagoon III at Oldbury Power Station at 10:50 before heading out over the estuary and upriver over the Tidal Reservoir on the 19th. SEPTEMBER: One was reported over the R. Avon, Hanham on the 9th.



APRIL: One was seen heading north over Pilning Wetland and Northwick Warth just after mid-day on the 12th. MAY: One circled over Kingswood, Bristol at 13:30 on the 7th before being lost to view to the north-west. It or another was reported from the Marshfield area on the same day; One was seen briefly at 07:00 on the 12th being mobbed by gulls at Oldbury Power Station before it was lost to view north. SEPTEMBER: One was found on Pilning Wetland around 13:00 on the 5th where it circled for at least 15 minutes before heading south.



APRIL: One was seen heading north over Yate at 14:17 on the 6th; One was seen in flight north over Cribbs Causeway at 13:50 on the 7th and surprisingly a second was seen north over the same site on the 8th at 16:05; One was reported over Pucklechurch on the 8th - 9th; One was seen drifting north-east high over Severn Beach at 10:33 on the 10th; One was seen for a minute or so drifting high west over Kingswood, Bristol at 10:38 on the 13th; One was seen in flight north over Hallen at 14:00 on the 15th; One was reported from Oldbury Power Station on the 16th. AUGUST: An adult was seen high over Western Distribution Park, Severn Beach heading south east at 14:50 on the 18th.



One reported by a BOC group perched around the Blue Lodge Estate, Siston on August 26th before departing south-west. One spent five minutes circling over the Northfield Lane, Marshfield at 10:40 on September 8th before drifting south-east over Marshfield church where it was lost to view.



One was seen in flight north over the Second Severn Crossing at Severn Beach on March 30th. It was watched from a moving vehicle as is flew over at streetlamp height at 09:25; One was seen in flight being mobbed by gulls at Bitton at 13:50 around ST: 680 697 on April 3rd; One was found sat on a stump near the second sentry box on Northwick Warth at around 08:15 on April 7th. It was present until around 09:00 when it departed upriver; A juvenile was seen on October 8th south of Shirehill Lane, Marshfield before being flushed by a tractor. It flew west towards Rushmead Farm but was not relocated.



At Oldbury Power Station surveyors reported one in flight up river in the morning on April 13th; One was seen in flight north over Thornbury on April 15th; One was seen in flight over the road at Rangeworthy at 17:15 on April 18th.



One was seen at 06:50 on May 1st heading low north east off Severn Beach mobbed by Oystercatcher; One was reported off Severn Beach on September 4th; One was seen in flight down river from Littleton-on-Severn on September 6th.



One was seen flying in off the estuary and was subsequently seen over Orchard Pools near Severn Beach mid afternoon on April 23rd.



One was seen on migration over Almondsbury at Lower Knole Farm on April 19th; One was seen briefly at 10:25 over Northwick Warth and subsequently Pilning late morning on August 29th; One was seen at New Passage at 07:30 heading south on September 12th.



One was seen flying very high, being mobbed by gulls over Mangotsfield at 10:40 on April 10th and was last seen heading north-east; One with a fish in its talons flew low upriver at Oldbury Power Station at around 14:55 on May 31st. It flew over the tidal reservoir near Lagoon III, gained height and headed north-north-east across the river; One flew south over New Passage at around 10:40 then seen a few minutes later from Severn Beach heading of south-west on September 7th.



On March 28th one was seen in flight at Hambrook heading north over the A 4174 at 12:20; On April 1st one flew north over Wick Quarry at 15:05 viewable from Raven Rock at c.100 ft; On April 13th one flew low over Northwick Wharf and was lost to view heading north towards the old Severn Bridge at around 17:00.



An individual was seen briefly in flight on April 18th at Bradley Stoke over the Hilton Hotel at Aztec West.



One flew inland east from Severn Beach on March 27th; One was noted flying north-east at around 19:00 over the tidal reservoir at Oldbury Power Station on April 2nd.



One on April 2nd at Severn Beach was watched heading north; On April 6th at Severn Beach one was also seen heading north.



On August 31st at Oldbury Power Station a single bird was watched for around ten minutes over the tidal reservoir before heading off to the north-east.



On May 11th one was seen at Severn Beach heading north towards the Wye Valley.



One was observed heading south on August 9th at Severn Beach.



One was seen being mobbed by corvids on June 4th over Kingswood in Bristol at 07:15.



On October 16th an individual was seen at New Passage, it was watched flying from the estuary and heading south.



One was reported on October 27th at New Passage.



One was killed whilst fishing at Tortworth Court Lake presumably in either the spring or autumn passage.