Upupa epops

Katherine Boon













2020 (2) c.30
One reported from Shepperdine Riding School, south of Oldbury Power Station late March; One was seen at Box Hedge Farm between Henfield and Westerleigh on June 14th.

2018 (2)
One was seen briefly in Kingsgate Park, Yate on April 15th; One was seen at the entrance to Oldfield Farm near Marshfield mid May.

2016 (3)
One was reported In fields next to the M5 near Windsor Close, Hallen on April 14th - 15th; One was present in gardens at Copley Court, Hanham on May 9th - 10th; One was seen around the car park of Tortworth Plants, Tortworth on October 10th.

2014 (1)
One was seen on Goldcrest Road, Chipping Sodbury on May 14th.

2013 (1)
One was seen on Hot Water Lane, Siston Hill Estate, Mangotsfield on May 18th.

2011 (2)
One was seen at Oldbury Power Station between Lagoons I & II on May 3rd; A local newspaper carried an article reporting one in a garden at Robin Way, Chipping Sodbury on May 7th.

2010 (2)
One was seen in a garden on Kington Lane, Thornbury on March 28th; One was present on an estate at Iron Acton from July 20th - 29th.

2009 (2)
One was seen at Woodmead Lane, Doynton on April 22nd; One was reported at Lower Morton, Thornbury on April 26th.

2008 (c.3)

One was present on Sands Farm, Dyrham on April 11th - 13th; One, possibly two, were seen on Severnside on April 27th (Aust Warth and Severn Beach)


2004 (1)
One was reported in the Yate area from August 18th - 23rd.

1998 (1)
One was seen at Little Badminton April 8th - 13th.

1994 (1)
One was seen near Hallen on May 20th and June 13th - 14th.

1993 (1)
One was present at West Littleton on April 26th - 27th.

1978 (1)
One was reported in early July at Rangeworthy.

1974 (1)
One was present near Thornbury towards the end of April.

1971 (1)
One was reported from Filton Golf Course, Filton from September 6th - 16th.

1959 (2)
One was seen briefly in flight at Almondsbury on April 14th; One was seen at Winterbourne Park, Winterbourne from August 22nd - 29th.

1956 (1)
One was present at Siston Court, Siston on August 11th - 12th.

1950 (1)
One was noted at Woodlands Farm, Doynton from April 4th - 10th.

1949 (1)
One was watched on the lawn of Upton Cheney House, Upton Cheney on June 5th.


1888 (1)
One was seen sometime in the spring at New Passage.


1878 (1) 0
One was seen near Charfield sometime around this date.