Circus cyaneus - c 55


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2020 (1)

MAY: A female/ ringtail was reported from Hill Lane Hill at ST: 649 940 on the 7th.



AUGUST: A juvenile was both seen and photographed from Rushmead Lane, Marshfield on the 7th. It was subsequently seen on and off roaming the area from Gorse Lane, Pennsylvania, Rushmead Lane and Down Road until at least the 13th. OCTOBER: A male was watched being mobbed by corvids as it flew east over Northwick Warth on the 21st. DECEMBER: A winter female was seen briefly in flight south along Northwick Warth early afternoon on the 14th.



FEBRUARY: A male was seen at Shepperdine viewed from north-east corner of Lagoon I at Oldbury Power Station around 16:30 on the 24th. It was subsequently seen in flight along the shore and upriver beyond Shepperdine at 07:50 on the 25th. APRIL: A fine male was seen flying low north-east over Northwick Warth on the 30th. OCTOBER: A 'ring-tail was seen near Downthorns Farm, Marshfield on the 20th with a wholly unconfirmed report of a 'ring-tail' in the same area on the 21st.



A juvenile/ female was seen on August 24th from a train in the Huntingford area around ST: 71 93. Good views of the white rump were noted as it headed north; A 'ringtail' was reported in flight over New Passage around mid-day on September 28th; A 'ringtail' was seen in flight over the lagoons at Oldbury Power Station at mid-day on October 17th; A juvenile/ female was seen in flight over the lane and then going to roost in 'set-aside' on the west side of Down Road, Marshfield at 17:35 on October 18th. It was seen leaving the overnight roost at 07:15 on the 19th and flew high to the west at 08:15.



One, possibly this species, was seen from a moving car at 11:45 flying along the hedge of the A38 at Alveston on May 23rd.



A male was seen flying inland over Northwick and Aust Warth's at 09:00 on May 2nd; One was reported over the M32 junction 1 on May 22nd; An adult winter male was seen from Shirehill Lane, Marshfield between 15:30 & 16:30 on November 10th.



A male was seen flying south over Littleton Brick Pits in the evening on March 31st; One, possibly this species, was seen heading upriver past Oldbury Power Station at 09:15 on May 5th.



A female was seen over the salt marsh at Aust Warth at 15:45 on January 1st where it was mobbed by corvids; A ringtail was noted in the Shire Hill area at Marshfield in mid February; A ringtail, probably this species, was seen over the M48 near Pilning on May 3rd; A juvenile was seen at Wick Quarry on September 14th; A ringtail, probably female, was reported from Aust Warth mid afternoon around 14:30 on December 12th.



One was seen on January 17th at 16:00 over Northwick Warth; A ringtail was watched on Northwick Warth, New Passage late afternoon on October 13th; A ringtail was seen from midday until dusk on October 18th in the Shirehill area near Plough Farm where it occasionally drifted into S. Glos; A ringtail was present in fields at the eastern end of Rushmead Lane on November 14th - 15th and may have been lingering in the area since October; An adult male was seen and photographed over Northwick Warth early morning on December 10th; A ringtail was seen in flight over Lagoon III at Oldbury Power Station and then towards Thornbury Yacht Club at 13:20 on December 14th; An immature was present at Aust Warth on December 24th at 13:40 and appeared to go to roost there and on December 26th the same or another was noted mid-channel off New Passage at 12:15.



An adult female was seen over Lagoon I at Oldbury Power Station around 16:20 on April 19th and continued north-east; A female/ juvenile was reported over Lagoon II at Oldbury Power Station at around 15:45 on August 11th; A ringtail was noted in off the estuary then south-east over Northwick Warth on September 19th; A female/ juvenile was seen over Harcombe Wood from the long track near Ebbdown Farm at Marshfield on November 2nd.



A ringtail was seen flying low to the north-east over Aust Warth in the morning on April 22nd; A male was seen at Severn Beach flying upriver at 09:05; A 'ringtail' was watched for over five minutes around Rushmead Farm at Marshfield on September 25th. It was still present on September 26th, 27th and October 1st and was joined by a second 'ringtail' from October 2nd & 3rd; At Oldbury Power Station in early December a dog-walker reported what was probably a male flushed from the long grass around Lagoon II.



A first calendar year 'ringtail' was seen for around half an hour from 13:00 at Aust Warth on October 22nd; One, a ringtail was seen at Severn Beach on November 7th; A ringtail was reported at Oldbury Power Station ranging between lagoon II and the orchard in the afternoon on November 16th; A ringtail was seen near the cemetery off Tormarton Road on November 23rd & flushed from Northfield Lane at Marshfield at 15:25 on November 25th (ST: 778 744) when it then flew east over Culverslade towards Downthorns Farm; One was reported along the shore at Oldbury Power Station on November 28th and again on December 15th; A ringtail was seen near West Littleton Down on December 16th.



A second calendar year male was reported briefly on the morning of August 26th near the picnic area at the top of Tog Hill but could not be relocated after the initial sighting.



A winter adult was seen at Northfield Lane near Marshfield oh January 31st; A juvenile male was seen to drift over the Bristol/ S. Gloucestershire boundary in the Chittening Warth area on October 20th.



A 'ringtail' was reported from Oldbury Power Station between the coast and Lagoon II on the afternoon of January 4th.



A juvenile was seen on October 22nd at Northwick Warth.



On January 24th a 'ringtail' was reported at Northwick Warth.



A male was seen on March 29th at New Passage.



On January 13th a 'ringtail' was watched at New Passage.



A male was reported from Filton Airfield on March 9th; A female/ immature was seen at Northwick Warth on November 6th.



A female/immature was seen on November 2nd at Northwick Warth.