Caprimulgus europaeus

Paul Bowerman













2020 (1) 17

A male was found roosting at the base of an apple tree in The Orchard at Oldbury Power Station on August 22nd. It was subsequently seen in flight where the 'white wing flashes' were clearly evident.


2018 (1)
One was flushed from The Orchard, Oldbury Power Station around 19:00 on May 22nd.

2017 (1)
One was seen in flight around ST: 542 815 from Severn Road between Chittening and Hallen on October 15th.

2015 (1)
One was both seen in flight and heard at 17:00 on July 21st at Aztec West, Almondsbury. It was then heard until at least 17:30 in trees in the car park around 'Atkins Buildings', 500 Park Avenue, Almondsbury.

2013 (1)
One found hopping around on the ground in a garden on Northwick Warth in the evening on September 16th where it was taken into care and successfully released on the 19th. Sadly it was found dead on the 20th.

2006 (1)
A female on Northwick Warth flushed from a hedgerow on Green Lane at dusk on September 9th. It represents the first report of this species from the Severnside area.

2002 (1)
On September 8th one was photographed roosting on a garden fence post at Downend.

1977 (1)
One from Cloud Wood near Marshfield on June 3rd.

1962 (1)
On May 16th at Filton one flushed from rough ground on the golf course.

1959 (3)
Three on May 23rd at Inglestone Common/ Hawkesbury.

1947 (1)
On September 25th one was picked up dead at West Littleton.

1945 (3)
Three on August 16th at Old Wood near Rangeworthy, a pair with a least one young.

1944 (1) 0
On May 21st an individual was seen on the outskirts of High Wood adjoining the Filton by-pass.