Loxia curvirostra - Post 1950 - c.200



























JUNE: Two were heard in flight south over Badger Road, Thornbury on the 14th; Four flew north over Severn Beach mid-morning on the 16th; Two flew north over the Second Sentry Box on Northwick Warth in the evening on the 17th; At least three heard north over Thornbury Sailing Club, Oldbury-on-Severn at 11:50 on the 26th with one over Shackleton Avenue, Yate the same day. JULY: One south over Shackleton Avenue, Yate on the 3rd; One from New Passage on the 5th; One both seen and hear over 'The Glen' at New Passage on the 26th. AUGUST: One over Chipping Sodbury Common early morning on the 8th. OCTOBER: One calling over Cherry Wood, Marshfield and one reported over New Passage on the 15th; At least three were seen in Milbury Heath plantation in the morning on the 18th.



MARCH: An unconfirmed report of c.5 in flight over Damery/ Avening Green on the 21st; Four were noted in flight north-east over Oldbury Power Station on the 23rd. APRIL: One heard only bird at Oldbury Power Station on the 23rd.



OCTOBER: One south over a private garden in Pilning early morning on the 10th; One to the north at Oldbury Power Station around 09:30 on the 30th.



Four, a male and three females were seen at Oldbury Power Station on April 7th in pines on the north-east side of Lagoon I at Oldbury Power Station before flying upriver along the bank.



Five were both seen and heard in flight north-east over New Passage at 11:15 on March 23rd.



One was both seen and heard at Oldbury Power Station on April 4th heading north-east; One was seen and heard in flight north over Severn Beach on June 26th; A female/ immature flew over New Passage to the north-west at 08:40 on October 13th; Eight (flocks of six and two) in flight north-east Aust Cliffs in the morning on October 16th; On October 18th, two noted at Oldbury Power Station in the morning, six were counted at Aust Cliffs (four males and two females) then in hawthorns at Aust Warth before flying south-west and five were noted over New Passage; Ten were noted in flight north-east over Aust Cliffs by 08:30 on November 3rd; One was seen at first light in flight over Lagoon II, Oldbury Power Station on November 10th.



At least one in flight over Severn Beach near the sea wall on September 14th.



One, probably this species at Oldbury Power Station on April 27th; Three heading north-west over Cribbs Causeway at 07:30 on June 5th; One in flight at Filton heading towards the airfield on July 23rd; At least five over Cribbs Causeway at 07:20 on August 1st; Four flew north-east past Thornbury Yacht Club at 11:00 on August 9th; Two flew north east at Oldbury Power Station at 07:15 on August 10th; Two in flight over Chipping Sodbury Common on August 18th; Three in flight over Patchway on October 5th; Two over Hanham at 09:25 on October 17th; One over Northwick Warth on November 3rd.



One heard over Aust Cliffs around 11:00 on January 8th; One flying south at Littleton Warth on January 22nd; A fly over heard at Oldbury Power Station on January 29th; One heard over Oldbury Power Station on February 6th; One heard over to the west at Oldbury Power Station on March 7th; Four flew over New Passage at 07:45 on March 24th including a red male; Two flew over Severn Beach on March 30th; One at Oldbury Power Station on April 5th; One at New Passage on October 23rd; One at Aust on October 24th; Two sat in trees near Whitegate Lodge, Old Down Road between Old Sodbury and Badminton on October 28th; One at Oldbury Power Station on November 19th.



One at Oldbury Power Station on March 11th; Two flew south-west near Springfield Farm, west of Horton on July 13th; One flew over Marshfield Village on July 20th; Six flew over Oldbury Power Station on October 8th; One flew over Northwick Warth and Littleton Warth on October 16th; Six over Lagoon III, OPS on November 5th; Eleven in flight at New Passage on November 7th; Two over Thornbury and one flying low east calling over Pilning Wetlands on November 12th; Two over Kingsgate Park, Yate at 08:25 on November 11th.



Five heading north-east over the river at Oldbury Power Station on February 11th; One over Deanery Close, Warmley at 10:15 on March 4th; At Thornbury at least one, probably two around 11:40 over a private garden on March 27th; One heard over Pilning on April 20th; Four from New Passage on October 11th with a further individual there on October 12th; One south over Northwick Warth on October 30th.



One early morning on July 25th over Lower Knole Farm, Almondsbury; On October 28th one heard over Pilning.



Four flying south at New Passage on March 22nd; One heard at New Passage on April 6th.



A flock of seven flying north-east at New Passage on April 9th.



One at New Passage on October 30th.



One from New Passage sometime in July; One at New Passage sometime in October.



One flying north-north-east at Aust on July 8th.



Five on Inglestone Common, Wickwar on July 5th.



One from Hallen sometime in November.



One at Hallen on December 3rd.



Up to fifteen in Larches at Filton from January to early March.



A female at Filton on October 23rd.



One at Wick on September 23rd; Up to sixteen in an apple orchard at Cowhill near Oldbury-on-Severn on various dates from late October to mid November and a party of five last seen including four males on November 18th.


1952 - 1830

No records were found between these years!



Recorded in the Alveston area sometime around this time. (Knapp - Journal of a Naturalist 1829, pages 182/3)