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CAMBERWELL BEAUTY  Nymphalis antiopa




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One was both seen and photographed at the Gloucester Wildlife Trust - Lower Woods Reserve, Wickwar around mid-day on June 22nd. Seen by at least two observers it spent an all too brief time on Horton Great Trench around ST: 744 875.


2004: One reported from the Willsbridge area sometime this year. ST: 66 70. (Source BRERC Interactive species map)


One was reported from the Broad Croft area at Bradley Stoke on August 22nd. ST: 614 828. (Source NBN Atlas - Occurrence record 549103924)



One was reported from Filton Railway Embankment and Garden sometime that year. ST: 61 79. (Source NBN Atlas - Occurrence record 549043600)



One was reported from a private garden at Downend, Bristol sometime in August of that year.



One reported on August 5th near Berkeley Road Station, Staple Hill. ST: 64 76. (Source NBN Atlas - Occurrence record 549079093)




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